Women's Pajamas That Are Equal Parts Cozy & Cool For Every Season

by Jessica Waller
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softest women's pajamas
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The softest women’s pajama sets are what we moms are after (obvi), but come summertime, you’ll want them to be light and airy, too. Plus, you may want versatile PJ/loungewear pieces that you can wear well past noon. In a time of widespread work-from-homing, pajamas hold a new level of esteem as compared to the rest of our wardrobes these days (they’ve always held the same place in our hearts, duh). But now there’s even a whole new class of pajamas: Daytime pajamas. They’re great for relaxing, of course, but they’re also polished and put-together enough that people who aren’t in your immediate family (the Instacart person, your kid’s preschool teacher on Zoom, your neighbor who walks their dog 18 times a day) could actually see you in them and not feel weird. In a word, daytime pajamas are *chic,* and pair them with the comfiest slip-on shoes (aka, “daytime slippers”), and Mama, you’re in business. No old college T-shirts and stretched-out sweats here, please.

The best women’s pajamas should be comfortable enough that you could wear them all day long— which we say is perfectly fine right now (or always). After all, your kids are wearing pajamas all day, so why shouldn’t you? From super-soft bamboo pajamas to cooling cotton pajamas to the internet-famous Amazon nightgown dress, get ready to find your new favorite set (or six).

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