These Are the Best, Coziest and Cutest Pajamas for Kids 2020

The 9 Best Pajamas For Your Little Ones To Wear On Repeat (All Day Long)

Best Kids Pajamas

After a long day of activities to tire your children out, hitting the hay is important for everyone. So when it comes to kids’ sleepwear, we’re *all about* anything that helps them get to sleep comfortably (which means, prayers to everything, we’ll sleep better, too) — because really, from kids boots to sun hats, it’s all about functionality and fashion when it comes to littles, right? But how are you supposed to choose between all the brands out there? Should you care if the cotton is organic, or if its cotton at all? How do you protect tiny babies from getting overheated, but still stay cozy? Does the print or design even matter, or is that more for the benefit of the ‘gram than anything else?

We know it’s a lot to navigate, so we’ve rounded up nine of the best, coziest, cutest jammies that your brood needs, whether they’re eight months or eight years old. Because sure, the best coffee maker in the world can help with exhaustion, but good sleep will definitely help more. (PS-if you’re looking for holiday pajamas or family jammies, we’ve got those, too.)

The Best Kids Basic Pajamas from Amazon

Amazon Essentials Long-Sleeve Pajama Set

When it comes to PJs, sometimes simple is just better. This basic top-and-pants combo is soft, durable and comes in a variety of super-cute patterns so your kid can feel like he’s picking what he’s wearing to bed every night (llamas, stripes and check to name a few). Plus, they’re totally cost-effective, so you can toss some if a major diaper explosion (or accident, in bigger kids) happens and you just can’t deal with cleaning it up this time. Because honestly, haven’t we all had days when washing poop stains out is just too. much. to. handle?


The Best Kids Pajamas for Cuddling Up

Roller Rabbit Kids Monkey Pajamas, Blue

If softness is your jam (with a side of fancy), look no further than Roller Rabbit. The ultra-luxe brand has a cult following for its baby and kids’ PJs, and with good reason: They’re made from some sort of magic cotton fabric that is softer from day one than that old tee-shirt you refuse to get rid of on day 13947082130, which makes them perfect for that pre-bedtime cuddle time that you cherish so much. Plus, some patterns are available in mommy and daddy sizes, too, so you can do those cute and incredibly irritating mommy and me photos that you love to post and then judge when other people do themselves.


The Best Button-Down Kids Pajamas

Gap Kids Pinstripe PJ Set

If making your little ones look like nana & papa is your idea of freaking adorable, Gap has the button-down jammies of your dreams. Whether they’re a red flannel pattern for winter or a blue pinstripe for spring, the brand’s classic sleepwear will make you think all they need is a cup of coffee and the paper, and they’ve skipped right to their more mature years. And since the company is always coming out with fun collabs (a recent favorite was with Disney duh), there’s always a fun design or pattern to discover. Grab tiny Sunday slippers and you’ve got yourself a cozy scene in the making!

$32 AT GAP

The Best Kids Pajamas for Construction Lovers

Family Feeling Truck Pajamas

Whether you have a rough and tumble daughter or a digger-centric little dude, there’s somthing about big yellow trucks that gets kids’ imaginations running rampant. So why not send them off to dreamland wearing what they love? For construction enthuasists, this easy outfit is a sure win — and because they’re available on Amazon Prime, you can always get another pair if the first gets too worn out to wear, no panic necessary. Because if you haven’t read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site 17,000 times already, we can solidly attest to the fact that it’s actually pretty good. It’s a vibe, get into it.


The Best Matching Set Kids Pajamas

Simple Joys by Carter's Snug Fit Cotton Pajama Set

Parenting hack 101: Less thought = better. In any regard, with regards to anything. Right? So when it comes to picking jammies, why not get more bang for your brain’s buck? Ordering a matching set that comes with not one, not two, but THREE PJ outfits in one click is the key to the good life. And since Carter’s is one of our beloved go-to brands for all things childhood fashion, you know you’re getting a quality product that you can trust. So whatever your little lady is into, pick a theme and run with it — you’ll look like a hero and she’ll feel like a winner.


The Best Shorties Kids Pajamas

Hanna Andersson Mickey Mouse Print Short John Pajamas

Hanna Andersson, if you’re not already familiar, is one company that should be on your shortlist for your kids’ apparel. The company is based on “Scandanavian principles,” and while we’re not entirely sure what that means, we do know that it translates to simple designs, ultra-soft fabrics and pieces you and your brood will love. So if you keep your house on the warmer side (or if your kid runs hot, because there’s no shame in menopause-like hot flashes sans hormones no matter what age we’re talkin’ about), these super cute shortie jammies may be the ticket to a sound night sleep. And since we could all use a sound night sleep, there are matching family pajamas by Hanna in this (or other) prints!


The Best Kids Pajamas for Pure Softness

Kissy Kissy Aviators Pajama Set

You may remember Kissy Kissy from the newborn days of sleeplessness and cuddles. If not, surpriiiiiise, you’ve been missing out. The secret to these ultra-soft pieces? Pima cotton, which is, basically, God’s gift to humans’ skin. And, sure, they’re a bit of an investment, but these are definitely hand-me-down pajamas. Trust. They’ll also pay for themselves in pristine family photos and those are priceless, amiright? The print is so darn cute you may also want to add the hat, bib, burp cloth and the whole aviators gift set.


The Best Organic Kids Pajamas

Burt's Bees PJ Set

Yes, that Burt’s Bees. And, sure, the word “organic” may or may not carry a lot of weight for you (your kid, your choice!), but either way, these Burt’s Bees jammies will win your heart. They’re easy on the touch and feature banding at the ankles and wrists so they won’t bunch in the middle of the night, and since you probably use the brand’s products on your lips — among other body parts — you can certainly trust its clothing on your little ones’ bodies.

They come in sizes 18 months all the way to 7 years, so you can start them young and stick with them. The stripe is a favorite (in blue, grey or green), but the gorgeous prints like Surf’s Up and Keep Swimming also can’t be missed. And yes, there are holiday pajamas, too, including ones for Halloween.


The Best Kids Pajamas for Superhero Lovers

Marvel Avengers T-Shirt & Shorts Set

If “afraid of the dark” (or the monsters under the bed) is this week’s issue du jour, there’s no easier fix than superhero pajamas to inspire some superhero-level bravery. So whether it’s being Wakanda born-and-bred or your little one’s more of a Hulk-minded man (or even Captain America and Iron Man), reassuring them that they are strong and they are safe when they get tucked in can make all the difference. Plus, they’re so lightweight and comfy, they can double as athleticwear for those Sundays when PJs turn into… all-day-Js.


Need some more home-friendly kids gear? Or, even better, for yourself? Check out our mom approved fashion.

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