Best Women's Cotton Pajamas, According To Moms

12 Cozy Pajamas You Can Wear All Day Long If You Want

June 4, 2020 Updated December 15, 2020

Gap/Old Navy

Pajamas hold a new level of esteem as compared to the rest of our wardrobes these days (they’ve always held the same place in our hearts, duh). But now there’s even a whole new class of pajamas: Daytime pajamas. They’re great for lounging, of course, but they’re also polished and put-together enough that people who aren’t in your immediate family (the Instacart person, your kid’s preschool teacher on Zoom, your neighbor who walks their dog 18 times a day) could actually see you in them and not feel weird. In a word, daytime pajamas are *chic*. No old college T-shirts and stretched-out sweats here, please.

The best women’s pajamas should be comfortable enough that you could wear them all day long— which we say is perfectly fine right now (or always). After all, your kids are wearing pajamas all day, so why shouldn’t you? From super-soft bamboo pajamas to cooling cotton pajamas to the internet-famous Amazon nightgown dress, get ready to find your new favorite set (or six).

Leggings Depot Pajamas

It’s almost winter time and it’s essential that you get yourself a cozy pair of CLASSIQUE red plaid PJs. Loose, stretchy, and soft, these are the kind of PJs you wear all Sunday long. Okay, maybe Monday-Friday as well.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

bSoft Breathable 2-Piece Button-Down Pajama Set

If you, too, love the look of traditional pajamas but hate how wrinkled they get (who is ironing their sleepwear, seriously?!), you need bSoft’s bamboo 2-piece button-down pajama set. In a super soft and breathable bamboo-rayon blend, these puppies will always look relaxed and drapey—never stiff and creased. Softer than your favorite t-shirt, they’re perfect for curling up with a good book, but lightweight enough that you won’t get too warm, either. The all-black set with white piping is our top choice (we love a classic look), but choose from a range of 10 other colors (or add to your collection!). Available in sizes XS to XXL, size up if you like your jammies to fit on the looser side. Helloooo, relaxation mode.


The Cloud 9 Boyfriend Sleep Shirt

The Cloud Boyfriend shirt feels like, well, a cloud. It’s light, breathable, and feels ultra luxurious. We love Summersalt for their high-quality swimsuits *and* their high-quality loungewear.


Flannel Pajama Shorts

If you run hot, you might prefer PJ shorts, and these flannel shorts are comfy and cool — and festive.

$22 AT GAP

Was $25

Tommy John Women's Second Skin Pajama Tee & Pant

In a world where mamas always deserve the best (as compared to men we mean, not the kids) these silky soft Second Skin jammies are IT. The cooling fabric is flowy, not clingy, yet is still fully opaque (it doesn’t even show panty lines, we’ve checked the mirror). The tuxedo stripe pant means you can definitely wear these all day (like as clothes at home). Did we mention pockets? Hell yeah.

Plus the matching Second Skin Sleep Tee even gives arm coverage, although you can go for the tank-style now that summer’s finally here. The only big decision really is which color to choose— mauve with the wine stripe or black with poseidon stripe— sounds so Greek God, right?


Roller Rabbit Women's Hearts Polo Pajama Set

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this adorable shorts set. If you’re always running a little warm, sleep cooler (and cuter) in this matching short-sleeve button-up top and elastic-waist shorts. Inspired by Indian block prints, the heart pattern and piping details are prim yet polished, and the top could even be tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans for a twist on the pajama shirt trend (or you know, when you don’t feel like wearing a sweatshirt for the millionth day in a row). Made of 100% pima cotton, this set is crisp but still super comfy—and will only get better with time. Want to take the sweetness one step further? We heart the idea of matching with your little ones, too.


Patterned Micro Performance Fleece Hooded Plus-Size One-Piece Pajamas

We love this fleece onesie which comes in black fair isle, navy snowflake, red buffalo plaid, snow leopard print. It comes with a zipper, so you have outfit options.


Torrid Mauve Waffle Knit Hooded Sleep Cardigan Pajama

They had us at “sleep cardigan.” If you’re looking for a light layer that works double duty as a daytime sweater *and* as a cozy knit robe in the evening, we found your match. The waffle knit hooded cardigan is just as comfy—if not more so—than your fave hoodie, and it’s likely way more stylish. Pop this over a white t-shirt and jeans for a stroll around your neighborhood, and then use it as a long layer over your pajamas during the kid bath/bedtime rush. The mauve hue is a perfect neutral, meaning it’ll magically coordinate with whatever you’ve got, and the waffle knit is lightweight yet super warm—we totally wouldn’t blame you for falling asleep in this.


R.Vivimos Women’s Bohemian Pajama Dress

We mean it when we say this dress will let you live your best life this summer. Just you, a glass of rosé, and a truly dreamy house dress. This nightgown-style dress (OK, OK, it’s technically a dress, but, like, a very nap-friendly dress) has achieved its viral status for a reason. The #amazonnightgown has won the hearts of humans everywhere for its flowy fabric, breezy shape and a range of pretty prints and colors, from muted to bold. Basically, there’s a version for everyone out there, and all for just $33. What’s not to love? We’re big fans of the billowy sleeves, tassel ties and bohemian style that works just as well with a giant straw hat as it does with your fuzziest slippers. Available in sizes XS through XXL, but size up if you’ve got a larger chest, say reviewers.


SheIn Women's 7 Piece Pajama Set

Need options? Now you can seamlessly transition from day to night with this seven-piece set, which includes multiple outfit options to suit your pajama mood. There’s the strappy camisole, and satiny shorts, or the silky lounge pants and prim button-down, plus a matching scrunchie and coordinating eye mask (essentials, if you ask us) and a silky bag to store it all in. Get a matching set for your best friend and have a Zoom movie night—major sleepover vibes. We’re partial to the pink palm print, but there are eight other options to choose from, too (we told you there were options!). “Instagram worthy!” says Terry on Amazon. “So comfortable!” says another customer on Amazon. Get yourself this gift, Mama.


Felina Eco-Friendly Izar Jacquard Pajama Top & Pant

Look no further if you’ve been searching for a silky yet highly functional set of traditional pajama pants. These luxe loungers are made of Cupro, a 100% plant-based, sustainable, vegan fabric formulated from regenerated cellulose. Cupro looks and feels like silk, but here’s the kicker—it’s fully washable. Cooling and smooth on the skin, these breathe beautifully (ideal if you’re always warm at night) and we love the matching sleek button-down top (smart for nursing mamas) paired with these wide-leg lounge pants. With a drawstring waist that won’t dig in, these pants are slouchy without looking sloppy. In a pale pink jacquard pattern, they’ll feel ultra-feminine. Wear the set together or separately, but look polished either way.


Storq 3-Piece Lounge Pajama Set

For pregnant/postpartum mamas, or anyone who likes looser shapes, this splurge-worthy three-piece lounge set from Storq is a dream. Made from a medium-weight cotton-spandex blend that feels super luxe, the set comes with a lightweight kimono wrap, a nursing-friendly tank and very chic wide-leg cropped lounge pants that can honestly pass for regular pants (score!). Side note: about these pants, which were fully designed with mamas in mind: the elastic waistband is wide enough that it won’t dig in for all *10* months of pregnancy and beyond, and we especially love that the pants can be worn higher up by the waist or lower on the hips, depending on what’s most comfortable. For day, try the tank and shawl-collar kimono with your favorite jeans, or pop on a loose linen shirt with the pants and step into a pair of slides.


Looking for more mom-friendly fashion? From swimsuits to tie-dye sweats, we’ve got it all.

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