8 Best Toy Car Washes For Kids 2021: Toy Car Washes With Water (& Without )

The Best Kids Car Wash Toys For Squeaky-Clean Fun — Scented Pine Tree Not Included

March 23, 2021 Updated April 20, 2021

Feature – Car Wash Toys

Did you know car wash toys were a thing? If not, we’re here to inform you that they are (and we’re not upset about it because they’re pretty freakin’ cool). It makes sense, if you think about it, since kids of all ages love car toys of all kinds; there’s toddler push cars, toy race car tracks, remote control vehicles, and go-karts for kiddos who are a little more daring — and that’s just naming a few. 

Real cars get their attention for being loud and fast (a sensory dream), and toy cars are a way for them to recreate all that fun stimulation, and on that note, kids also go nuts for water play and all the sensory exploration. So really, it’s only natural that car wash toys are a huge hit and a great way for kids to play with their current car collection in a new, squeaky-clean (albeit, wet) way. 

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For the kids who would love to spend hours detailing their dream cars, we found the best car wash toys on the internet. And for parents who don’t want to spend their free time using a wet vac to clean up, we have a few options that don’t even need water. So hey, get your (toy) car washed today.  

Best Toy Car Washes

Disney Cars Toys Color Change Dinoco Car Wash Playset

For Cars fans ages 3 and up, this Dinoco-themed car wash playset comes with warm and cold water tanks and includes Pitty and a color-changing Lightning Steve McQueen. They can race up the ramp, chill under the waterfall, then roll through the foam rollers for a quick dry. Talk about good, clean fun.

$34.29 AT AMAZON

Shopkins Cutie Cars Splash ‘N’ GO Spa Wash

This spa-themed, two-level set includes one mini Shopkin, a color-changing Cutie Car, one Deco brush, plus a ramp and elevator. Amazon Reviewer Amy Patton says, “Love this toy. It’s a water toy that can be played with OUT of the tub too! There is a chamber that collects the ‘spa water’ shower water after it is dispensed. Then you just pour the collected water right back into the spa! It is very interactive ….has a shower, detail station, elevator, a slide down to the perfume room, and blow dryer. It comes with a car too! My son uses his matchbox color changer cars with it and everybody wins.”

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Disney Pixar Cars Rust-eze Tune-Up Center with Jackson Storm

Kids love recreating scenes from their favorite movies, so this Disney Pixar Cars Rust-eze Tune-Up Center is perfect. The set includes a Jackson Storm vehicle so they can start playing right away. Bring him through the gas pump and bridge before taking him through the spiffy car wash, complete with foam rollers and a wind tunnel. You can also connect to other sets, like Amazon Reviewer Brittany did. She says, “My son loves it! Works perfectly. Easy enough to assemble. It can connect to his other Cars tracks. What’s not to love?”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Car Washes

Ultimate Gator Car Wash Play Set

If your kid thinks standard car wash toys are kinda boring, then this Gator-themed set will change their mind. It includes one Color Shifters car, an elevator, and a whirlpool dunk tank for crazy color-changing fun. The foam rollers and mini brushes help develop fine motor skills, and the “escape the gator” finale is great for adding high stakes to what would otherwise be a calm and pleasant errand. This set is on the pricier side, but it’s also quite large (19.69 x 25.59 x 23.62 inches, to be exact) compared to most other car wash sets.


$76.75 AT AMAZON

Micro Machines Core Playset Car Wash Station

This Micro Machine Car Wash can attach to other Micro Machine play sets or can be used on its own. It includes one car that can cruise through the expandable brushes, then zip down the working elevator and ramps and through the wind tunnel. Since this option doesn’t need water, your kiddo can play independently. Spend that time looking up those old fast-talking Micro Machine ads from the 90s — they hold up!

$14.97 AT AMAZON

Hot Wheels FTB66 City Mega Car Wash Connectable Play Set

Does your kid have too many Hot Wheels? Give them a new way to play while they get their collection all bright and clean! Suitable for little drivers ages 4 and up, this Mega Car Wash can connect to other Hot Wheels sets (cause we know you’ve got ’em) and features a conveyer belt, foam rollers, and a little dunk tank, too. It comes with one Color Shifter Car so they can start playing right away, but we know they already have, like, a zillion cars they can use.

$56.55 AT AMAZON

Theo Klein Bosch Car Repair Station

For kids ages 3 and up, this Bosch Service Center includes a convertible they can disassemble and reassemble before zipping it through the foam rollers for a sparkling wash. You don’t need water to enjoy this interactive playset, so you won’t waste any time cleaning up … win-win if you ask us!

$76.89 AT AMAZON

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Playset

If your kid needs an intricate backstory to commit to a toy, this Science Lab-themed car wash captures the (included) Color Shifters car in the evil scientist’s lab — it’s up to your kid to release it. It has a giant beaker top and multiple water chambers for color change fun, and the speedy launch options and release levers make for one action-packed afternoon.

$81.99 AT AMAZON


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