Best Bubble Guppies Toys 2021, According To Moms

Bubble Guppies Has Taken Over Our Lives— Good Thing The Toys Are So Cute

June 27, 2019 Updated April 22, 2021

Best Bubble Guppies Toys

Is your toddler absolutely obsessed with freaking Bubble Guppies? The American-Canadian animated series is seeping through the screens (TV, tablet, and otherwise) of countless Nick Jr. watchers quicker than we can pop a bubble (ha). Kids can’t get enough of Molly, Gil, Nonny, and Deema’s underwater adventures and while us grown-ups are kinda sick of watching it, at least we can get on board with how the series teachers about science, music, and life underwater.

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If you’re looking for the best Bubble Guppies toys on the internet to make a true fan’s heart swell, then you’ve come to the right place. From plush dolls and bath squirter sets, preschoolers and beyond are going ga-ga over these toys. Don’t let your favorite fan miss out on the finned fun!

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Bubble Guppies Activity Set

Do you have a hyperactive kid who needs help staying busy? A sticker book-slash-coloring activity can help you out, Mom. Although, be warned – you might start to find tons of Nick Jr. Bubble Guppies stickers appearing on every surface of your home – the walls, the tables, the floors… With six full-sized sticker sheets and pages, your kids will sit at the table for hours, getting creative and using their imaginations to story tell. Sure, Mom, you may have to pull a few stickers off of your favorite chair in the family room, but hey, that’s better than listening to the crushing and fumbling that usually unfolds during a regular, unregulated play session. This book – which comes with six large sticker pages, three play scenes, six sticker activity coloring pages, puffy butterfly stickers, and 170 stickers total – is great for inspiring at-home creativity, quiet playtime on-the-go, or even during long car rides!


Bubble Guppies Bath Squirters

This set of three Bubble Guppies­-themed squirter toys are great for bath time, pool time, or just regular ol’ dry playtime. These Bubble Guppies toys feature three of your child’s favorite characters – Oona, Gil, and Bubble Puppy – but each of the sets comes with two BG characters and one of their animal friends. There are two other sets as well, featuring Goby, Deema, and Mr. Grouper, and Molly, Nonny, and Bubble Kitty. Once filled up with tub or pool water, these bath-friendly toys squirt the water back out, splashing and squirting for some timeless water fun. All your little one has to do to activate the water-squirting action is squeeze, which is great for teaching preschoolers important motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Bubble Guppies Vehicles and Figures

Your toddler ages three and up will absolutely love Molly’s Fin-tastic Racer toy. Especially if your little fan has a need for speed, she’ll enjoy playing for endless hours with the 4” poseable Molly figure and her matching race car. Play with Molly by pushing her around in her speed racer. Kids will love using their imagination to put Molly in imaginary scenarios and bubble-friendly adventures. Molly’s vehicle really rolls, really speeds, and Molly might be wearing a fin but trust us, she’s moveable and poseable, too. Also, Molly’s Fin-tastic Racer features a fin-shaped spoiler – not unlike her own fin! – that actually moves up and down as it cruises. Molly’s Fin-tastic Racer isn’t the only racer your child can collect. Some of the other Bubble Guppies main characters – like Nonny and Gil – also have their own Fin-tastic Racer set. Your preschooler can collect all three for some authentic race-track fun!


Plush Doll Set

You can’t go wrong with a plush doll, Mom. Instead of buying each one individually, grab this four-pack set of Mr. Grouper, Gil, Molly, and Bubble Puppy. With the set, none of their favorite characters are left out of their ultimate Bubble Guppies collection. These plushes come Scary mommy-approved because we love how young children can use these dolls to recreate their favorite scenes from the Nick Jr. show. Or if your child is particularly imaginative, they can dream up their own new scenarios for some of their favorite classic characters! Each 10” plush is soft and comfortable, which makes it a dual choice for not just playtime but for nap and bedtime, too. Is your kid afraid of the dark? That’s nothing a plush Bubble Guppies buddy can’t solve! After all, it always feels a little bit better to hug a beloved toy as you fall asleep.


Bubble Guppies Splash and Surprise Molly Bath Doll

The Splash and Surprise Molly Bath Doll is sure to be a hit during bath time. Molly has one of the most amazing talents a doll can have. Her hair actually changes color magically when it gets wet. For this reason, your kid is going to want to bring her everywhere – the bath, the pool, hell, maybe even a puddle! (But maybe use your discretion with that one, Mom. Puddles and dolls probably aren’t a great mix.) The Bubble Guppies Splash and Surprise Molly Bath Doll’s hair changes from purple to pink in warm water and from pink to purple in cold water. But we’ll just tell our kids that it changes along with her mood. The bath time set also comes with a flower hairbrush and water scooper, so that your toddler can have all the fun while getting squeaky clean. Best recommended for children ages 3 and up, expect the Molly Bath Doll to become your child’s new favorite companion.


Personalized Bubble Guppies Puzzle and Gift Tin

This Bubble Guppies puzzle is perfect for your kid’s first-ever puzzle. Personalized with your child’s name and full of their favorite characters, these 25 pieces are a good size for small hands as they get accustomed with their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Best for toddlers ages 2 and up, this is an awesome educational experience for families to do together with their youngest. The personalization of adding the child’s name is also a sentimental touch that makes it an excellent gift option. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or other gift-giving holiday, this Bubble Guppies puzzle will quickly become their favorite puzzle. And if you want to get emotional, Mom, you can save their very first puzzle after they put it together by gluing it together and displaying it in a picture frame. Hang it up in their bedroom, the nursery, or the toy room!


Bubble Guppies School Bus

Best for preschoolers and toddlers ages three and up, the Bubble Guppies school bus has a fin that moves side to side (for unlimited fun in the way of water play), a stop sign that pops out the side of the bus, and two figurines that can go in and out of the bus: Mr. Grouper and Gil. (Not to mention, Gil’s tail goes back and forth in a swimming motion, so it’s almost like he’s cutting through the water!) This swim-sational school bus is the perfect size for small hands, but even better, it also serves as storage for these little toys. Once your child is done playing with the bus, make sure they clean up by putting the stop sign, Gil, and Mr. Grouper back inside. Another added bonus? Gil’s tail isn’t the only fin that moves… the bus also has a tail that goes back and forth as it rolls along the floor.


Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Finger Puppets

If the Bubble Guppies lover in your life is also big on imagination and likes to create their own stories, these Finger Bath Puppets based on the ever-popular Nickelodeon show are their ideal toy. Both educational and fun, each set comes with the five characters, making this toy perfect for teaching your little one about everything from colors and themes to counting and so much more. These waterproof finger puppets aren’t just for sitting around the table; add them to bath time for some splashy, splashy fun in the rub-a-dub-tub. If there’s a holiday coming up, these finger puppets make the perfect addition to an Easter basket or stocking stuffer and kids can even collect, trade, and share their puppets. You know, because kids just have a favorite character for whatever reason. But even if it’s not the gift-giving season, that’s okay – you don’t need a reason to buy this toy for your little Bubble Guppies fan. It can totally be a “just because I love you” type of thing!


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