This CBD Sex Oil Gave Me A Kind Of Pleasure I Never Knew Existed

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Her Highness CBD Oil Review
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Sure lube is great, but have you ever tried a CBD pleasure oil? Her Highness Pleasure Oil has been rocking my world since I got it, and the results are more than just a happy vagina and explosive orgasm.

But since I went there, it seems like a good place to get started and let you know my experience with this CBD oil literally blew my mind and now I’m addicted. First, the lubes I’ve used in the past have been great and done what they were supposed to do. I’d never tried a pleasure oil (much less a CBD-infused pleasure oil) and wasn’t expecting to be so amazed by a product. As soon as my partner made contact to my vagina with the magical sex juice, it began to heat up. Like, in a way a warming lube can’t mimic– this was different in all the right ways. (Throw away all your warming jellies and get some of this right now — I demand it).

It’s like this: warming lube is like standing by a roaring fire outside and only heating half of your body. Her Highness CBD pleasure oil is like being swaddled in a warm heated blanket on your favorite sofa and feeling like you could stay there the rest of your life.

Scary Mommy/Katie Smith

I was telling him how good it felt and he could tell I went from being semi-turned on to full-blown horn-dog in under three seconds and he wanted to partake. Since I am a sharer, I got some on my hands as best as I could but ended up spilling some of the bottle. This was because I was so distracted by trying not to orgasm, I had to really focus, which resulted in my very unsteady hands. (My suggestion: Get the pleasure oil ready and start touching each other at the same time. You can thank me later.) I’m not sure what happened, but sometime between that oil touching my vagina and a few seconds later, I was ravenous for sex. I was so ripe and warm down there, my body was aching to climax. I felt like I turned from a cookie-baking housewife to a porn star in a flash, and the things I wanted to say aren’t fit to be written out. Ahem.

Since this was a new product that I was testing it for review and technically not my own pleasure, I decided I shouldn’t hold it in any longer and should see the effect it had on my orgasm. It was intense. It kept going. And I didn’t want to close the Y like I normally do after shooting my shot because I usually get really sensitive. Instead, I wanted this ride to keep on going.

One of my favorite parts about Her Highness Oil– and this is a big one for me– I fell asleep right after we had sex. This never happens. Usually, I’m wide awake after having an orgasm, even if I was exhausted before the feather-bed jog started. I actually passed out before my boyfriend, which is impressive because he’s usually out a few seconds into our postcoital cuddling sesh. I’m not sure if it was because the orgasm was so intense, or if the CBD helped me relax into a delicious sleep, but I don’t really care about the reason. No one will ever touch my vagina again without this oil.

You must also know Her Highness Oil is smooth and it lasts a lot longer than lube. And for the record, it’s amazing on every body part. It doesn’t get gummy, plus it heightened all my erogenous zones. I suggest starting with a back rub, moving to the breasts, then hit the honey pot last. I’m telling you, your orgasm will cum faster, harder, and you will feel a kind of satisfaction after sex you never have before. At least that’s what happened to me, and I vow to never run out of my new favorite bearded clam bait. My partner really enjoyed it too (it’s great on the balls) and could definitely tell a difference. He liked it better than lube, but what he enjoyed the most was how much I liked it.

Scary Mommy/Katie Smith

If you are a woman or person with a vagina you need this CBD pleasure oil in your life.

If you have trouble getting aroused, you need this CBD pleasure oil in your life.

If you have a partner or are single, you need this CBD pleasure oil in your life.

If you have a favorite lube you swear by and don’t think you need anything else in your special drawer, you need this CBD pleasure oil in your life.

If you have a hard time sleeping after sexual encounters, you need this CBD pleasure oil in your life.

I will never go back to using lube again after having experienced this. For me, it would be like having cake without frosting and I’m not going to deny myself this kind of pleasure. I suggest you don’t either.

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