Some Rad Chemistry Sets For The Kid Who Loves Science

by Caroline Macon Fleischer
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chemistry sets

On the lookout for a children’s chemistry set? Maybe it’s for a special kid in your life or just for you — no judgment either way. Learning should be fun! During our long jaded lives, the rigidness of academia can make science lose some of its magic and mystique. Remember when the Science Fair was the most exciting event of the year? Luckily, you can relive some of that happiness through your kids — because let’s admit it — having kids is all about living vicariously. In 2020, we’re all feeling burnt out from virtual activities so finding screen-free fun through baking, sledding, and good old-fashioned scientific inquiry are cheery ways to fill the time.

Here are 15 mommy-approved chemistry kits for kids you can buy on Amazon for fun in a pinch.

Chemistry Set For Kids

Children’s Chemistry Kits

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