13 Best Sleds For Kids And Toddlers This Winter 2021, Mom-Approved

The Most Fun, Sturdy, And Safe Sleds For Kids This Winter

November 11, 2020 Updated March 24, 2021

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As a mom, the thought of kids’ sleds brings up a brief second of sweet wintertime memories. Flying down a hill and tumbling into the snow and begging to do it again. Laps around the rink in our new ice skates, laughing while simultaneously sweating and freezing. Ahh the good ‘ole days. Then reality hits and we remember we’re the adult responsible for actually bundling up our babies in their snow boots, hats, snow pants, and mittens (the struggle is real!) all while praying the goods make it out of the snow piles and back inside. A sled is really just something to hold onto with a smooth surface to slide on snow. (How did they go from a baby bouncer to full on snow sleds already??) While everything from an empty pizza box to a lunchroom cafeteria tray can work (yes we’ve done it!), investing in a really good, heavy duty snow sled will make sure the fun doesn’t stop just because they hit an icy patch or the box gets soggy.

There are a variety of different style sleds from the classic flat bottomed toboggan, which can hold the whole family, to the small saucer style that provides a fast and wild ride down the hillside. Inflatable inner tubes have become increasingly popular for kids, but our summertime pool float can’t handle the double duty. When buying an inflatable, the material needs to be of heavy duty cold weather vinyl to stand up to the elements and last more than a few trips down.

With so many options out there it’s hard to know which one is the right one. We’ve curated our picks for best kids sleds for everyone from the baby heading outside into their first snowfall to the serious sledders who make a day of it. Mama get the hot cocoa ready and make sure they have both mittens (okay multiple sets of mittens) and have some fun!

Best Kids’ Sleds

Rigma Heavy Duty Snow Tube

The heavy duty vinyl used in Rigma’s Snow Tube can withstand the coldest temperatures and most brutal of conditions (it can even hold up to 525 pounds). We’re a sucker for the bright and bold design and it’s sized for kids ages 5 and up. This is a long lasting, investment-worthy piece for winter fun.

$179.99 AT AMAZON

Flexible Flyer Fireball 3-Person Snow Tube

If you’ve got three little ones fighting over who goes next, then I think we’ve found your solution, Mama. This Flexible Flyer Fireball Snow Tube fits three kids at a time (ages 5 and up) and has two handles per person. One happy customer said, “The nice thing about the tubes are that in deeper snow, it glides right over the top instead of ‘digging in’ like many of the traditional sleds do. It’s also a much more comfortable ride if you plan on taking it over any little humps, bumps, or jumps along the way.”

$33.99 AT AMAZON

Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan Snow Sled

Plastic sleds can ruin a day of fun when they crack or break in the middle of a run. Slippery Racer Sleds are designed with a higher flexibility ratio than any other plastic sled available to prevent any damage. The sleek design and aerodynamic shape increases both speed and agility making this sled as much fun for the kiddos as it is the adults.


GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - Inflatable Sled for Kids and Adults

GoFloats is a well known name in the pool float industry and is now taking on winter weather! What little kid doesn’t love a unicorn? This stylish beast will turn heads as our kiddos float down the slopes. Available in multiple animal designs, there is something for the whole family!

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Flexible Flyer 1-2 Person Double Sled for Kids & Adults Sledding

Leave it to Flexible Flyer to create the snow tube that doubles as a pool float! Durable enough for both family tubing in the summer and cold weather sledding, this sled is made up of heavy duty cold-resistant 18 gauge PVC. We love that unlike other tandem sleds, this one includes 4 handles so both riders have a secure grip all the way down.

$26.18 AT AMAZON

Paricon Steel Saucer

A snow saucer flies down hills in a wild and carefree way (aka, use only on wild open hills), which makes kids want to use them. Made of heavy gauge steel, this saucer won’t crack or break like a plastic one. With multiple kids, it can be hard to fit all the gear in the car, but the Paricon Steel Saucer is designed to stack multiples on top of each other so they can all fit just fine!


Flexible Flyer PT Blaster Steering Ski Sled with Brakes

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, Flexible Flyers steerable sled makes kids feel like they’re in the driver’s seat as they maneuver around other sledders. Complete with a padded cushion and spring activated brakes, our little drivers feel like they have some sense of control while speeding down the hill.

$89.56 AT AMAZON

Best Wooden Sleds

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

We love the small and classic design of Flexible Flyer’s Toddler Pull Sled and the optional padded cushion to give BB some extra comfort. The beauty of a wooden sled is the durability and reliability that it can be passed down from generation to generation. Designed with higher sides than some other baby or toddler sleds, this to-Boggan gives extra support to our little who might not be able to sit up fully just yet.


L.L. Bean Kids' Pull Sled and Cushion Set

For lasting durability for generations, L.L. Bean designs some of the best wooden sleds. We love this Tandem Kids Pull Sled for the brightly colored padded seat cushion (a tailbone saver!) and the durable pull rope. Designed for your kiddo to be snuggly in their own space, but also be able to safely go full speed.

$179 AT L.L.BEAN

L.L.Bean Toboggan and Cushion Set

A wooden toboggan and L.L. Bean are about as iconic winter as it gets. A toboggan can be harder to steer and can offer a bumpy ride, but L.L. Bean has taken both of these things into consideration when designing their sled. Available in a variety of sizes for easy maneuvering and all with padded seat cushions, this is sure to make a family IG worthy moment.

$159 AT L.L. BEAN

Best Baby & Toddler Sleds

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

For BB’s first turn in the snow, Flexible Flyer has created one of the best plastic sleds for toddlers and babies. Built to hold kids up to age 3, the design is perfect for anyone looking to just run around the backyard or up and down the driveway with baby. The extra long tow rope makes it comfortable for Mama, while the safety belt keeps BB in place.  


EMSCO Group Infant Boggan Ergonomic

Babies and toddlers up to about age 3 and 45 pounds fit into this solidly built sled. Our LOs will love rides in this sled as they’re held securely in place with a safety belt and an extra wide sled base to prevent it from flipping over. EMSCO is known for the brightly designed sleds (aka, no getting lost in the snow) and their long standing tradition of excellent products for over 100 years.


KHW Snow Flipper De Luxe Sled

Perfect for our bigger toddlers and preschool aged kiddos. KHW Snow Flipper De Luxe Sled is secure enough to put even the most panicked mamas at ease (a self-proclaimed “safe shell”), but also ergonomically designed to make our littles comfortable on every run. The handles makes dragging it arounds the snow a breeze.

$84.66 AT AMAZON

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