We Found Clorox Wipe Alternatives, Because You're Not The Only One Who Still Can't Find Them In Stores

by Anna Baboval
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Clorox wipes are the go-to for cleaning up messes (something we’re doing a lot of these days!) everywhere from the classroom to the grocery store to the bathroom. But with such a high demand for them and so little supply, what’s a mama to do? Not to mention the harsh chemical ingredients used in the wipes and knowing that we’re using them on every surface in our house. Is it worth learning how to make Clorox wipes at home? Maybe. Many of us are looking at this as an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and invest in more green alternatives to Clorox wipes.

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Green Alternatives To Clorox Wipes

The truth is about 80 percent of trash on Earth is made of plastic. Switching over to a greener cleaning method not only protects our families from harmful chemicals, but also the ocean, too. We’ve heard for years it’s more expensive to eat healthy and use organic and eco-friendly products, but actually investing in green alternatives saves money in the long run. Investing in reusable wipes, microfiber cloths, or unpaper towels saves time and money from not having to replace those products frequently. (Some last up to 1700 uses!) The longer a product lasts, the less impact it has on our wallet and the environment.

We’ve found great alternatives to Clorox wipes (including green ones!) that are in stock NOW and perfect for any cleaning task at home or on the go. Go ahead and click “add to cart.”

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Best Clorox Wipes Alternatives

Microfiber Cloth Wipes

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Reusable Wipes

The Unpaper Towels

Looking for more green alternatives for the home and kitchen? Check out all of our mom approved must haves for every room in the house.


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