Clorox Wipes Alternatives For A Greener Home 2020, Mom-Approved

We Found Clorox Wipe Alternatives, Because You’re Not The Only One Who Still Can’t Find Them In Stores

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Clorox wipes are the go-to for cleaning up messes (something we’re doing a lot of these days!) everywhere from the classroom to the grocery store to the bathroom. But with such a high demand for them and so little supply, what’s a mama to do? Not to mention the harsh chemical ingredients used in the wipes and knowing that we’re using them on every surface in our house. Is it worth learning how to make Clorox wipes at home? Maybe. Many of us are looking at this as an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and invest in more green alternatives to Clorox wipes.

Green Alternatives To Clorox Wipes

The truth is about 80 percent of trash on Earth is made of plastic. Switching over to a greener cleaning method not only protects our families from harmful chemicals, but also the ocean, too. We’ve heard for years it’s more expensive to eat healthy and use organic and eco-friendly products, but actually investing in green alternatives saves money in the long run. Investing in reusable wipes, microfiber cloths, or unpaper towels saves time and money from not having to replace those products frequently. (Some last up to 1700 uses!) The longer a product lasts, the less impact it has on our wallet and the environment.

We’ve found great alternatives to Clorox wipes (including green ones!) that are in stock NOW and perfect for any cleaning task at home or on the go. Go ahead and click “add to cart.”

Best Clorox Wipes Alternatives

ArtNaturals Hand Sanitizing Wipes (4 Packs)

You get the best of all worlds with these sanitizing wipes: They’re made of 75% alcohol yet don’t contain  free from parabens, sulfates, phythlates, petroleum or SLS. Plus, they’re vegan and cruelty-free. They’re also formulated with glycerin to keep hands moisturized. We like to keep these everywhere we go.



According to the Honest Company, “When our founder couldn’t find one brand to trust for all her everyday needs, she had to create it. And she knew that there had to be others out there looking for safe products, simple solutions and clear information about their choices, just like her.” Enter in our search for the perfect Clorox wet wipe alternative. 

If you’ve got to have a wet wipe, the Honest Company offers a variety of wipe pouch pack sizes tough enough for on the go messes but healthy enough for the environment and our families. These wipes are gentle enough for baby’s hand (aka do not attempt to substitute for baby wipes) since they contain no fragrance, parabens, phenoxyethanol, or chlorine. The 65% alcohol content is high enough to cause concern about drying hands, but the added touch of aloe keeps everyone’s skin soft and smooth.


Care Touch Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes (12 Pouches)

CareTouch’s sanitizing wipes are perfect for on-the-go moments, like when you need to wipe down a grocery store cart (or just anything outside of your house — you can’t be too careful). These antibacterial wipes use Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to keep your hands from shriveling up, and the massive amount of wipes you get for your money makes any outdoor excursions feel a bit safer (although please always refer to the CDC’s safety guidelines in terms of COVID-19 preventative measures).

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Superfy Hand Sanitizer Wipes (Pack of 5)

These wipes are also formulated with 75% alcohol, ensuring that they kill 99.9% of bacteria. These are another great option for always having on in your bag or diaper bag for wiping down any and all surfaces.


Microfiber Cloth Wipes

E-Cloth Home Starter Set

E-cloth microfiber cleaning cloths work with the magic of just water! This set is made up of a variety of cloths designed to clean the whole house from kitchens to bathrooms to windows. (Yes, a streak free window with just water, mind blowing isn’t it?!) One of our favorite tricks is to choose one specific color cloth for each room in the house so everyone in the family knows it. (There is something so gross about the toilet rag also wiping the kitchen counter!) E-Cloth’s special microfiber design wipes away grease and bacteria, trapping it in the cloth until rinsed. E-Cloth even claims to outperform many chemical-based brands by removing over 99% of bacteria, mold, and pollen. 

One reviewer writes, “In LOVE with my e-cloths, I don’t need any others! Totally cost effective and they work so well! Used the blacklight to check for myself and sure enough these cloths are amazing and do what they say they will!”

$23.74 AT AMAZON

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

With just over 19,000 reviews on Amazon, these AmazonBasics microfiber cloth wipes are a fan favorite. Super soft, reusable, and perfectly sized for any clean- up job from wiping down the boat to getting out last night’s spaghetti sauce off the counter. Unlike paper towels or Clorox wipes, these cloths can be tossed in the wash and used over and over again. (Pro-tip : avoid the fabric softener or they will lose absorbency, and to prolong their life, only use free and clear detergent.)

One mama reviewer shared, “These are amazing for cleaning and a great price! I’m mad at myself for not purchasing sooner. In an effort to reduce the crazy amount of paper towels we go through, I decided to purchase these. I use 1-2 a day for kitchen cleanup and put them in the laundry. They pick up little crumbs easily and don’t leave my quartz ‘streaky.’ I have a super messy 10 month old and I clean his highchair with these and they work wonderfully. I also use these for dusting, they pick up everything.”

$15.49 AT AMAZON

Reusable Wipes

Mortier Pilon Eco Friendly Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Mortier-Pilon is an innovative brand made up of beautifully and thoughtfully designed eco- friendly, high quality products. According to the company, “The global consumption of cleaning products has a colossal impact on our ecosystem. Petroleum-based plastic bottles and harmful cleaning chemicals are to blame. However, there are many easy solutions available to reduce your household ecological footprint.” They have concentrated their efforts on four killer cleaning products to make a huge impact (Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Cleaning Wipes and All-purpose Spray Cleaner). 

We love the look of the lemon print reusable cloths but also the convenience of just needing to add 3 TBSP of white vinegar, ⅓ cup of water, and 2 drops of essential oil to the reusable glass jar. White vinegar is an awesome cleaner because it’s so acidic, which makes it ideal for scrubbing both soap scum and the leftover sticker glue our LO left on the wall.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

SUPERSCANDI Swedish Reusable Biodegradable Cellulose Sponge Cleaning Cloths

Superscandi is a Swedish brand that promotes the Swedish way of life of quality and environmental responsibility. These versatile reusable wipes have the durability of up to 15 rolls of paper towels and absorb 20 times their weight in liquid. Made of 30% cotton and 70% cellulose wood pulp they are 100% biodegradable wipes that can be used anywhere from the bathroom to the car to the office when that becomes a thing again. 

One reviewer commented, “I was a skeptic but these are great. I’ve started using them for a lot of things I used to use paper towels for, which is great now that paper towels are hard to find and also great for the environment. I’m using them to wipe up some spills (water, that sort of thing), and to wipe down counters, etc. with kitchen cleaners. It truly doesn’t smell after it dries (I really wasn’t sure I believed that but it’s true) and I love that you can wash them in the washing machine.”

$14.49 AT AMAZON

Adventure Wipe Compressed Wipes

Remember those creatures we used to put in the bathtub and watch them eerily expand when wet? Meet the grown up version, Adventure Wipe Compressed Wipes: they are both fun and functional. These tiny white tablets expand into fully functional wet wipes for on- the-go cleaning (dirty faces after chocolate ice cream be gone!) and can be rinsed and reused as needed. Instead of adding plain water, one option is to add a 50/50 blend of rubbing alcohol and water to create an antiseptic wipe on the go. They may be marketed to travelers but we know a mama with a toddler was behind their creation!

One mama reviewer shared, “Perfect wipes for travel and they hold up surprisingly well. I use them in the bathroom where they use the cheap toilet paper and also to clean off the kids faces. They are rather soft and have no odor as described. I suppose I could have just bought a travel sized wet wipes but they are not nearly as fun as watching these things expand, lol.”

$34.99 AT AMAZON

The Unpaper Towels

Mioeco Bamboo Reusable Unpaper Towels

Mioeco may call these bamboo reusable cleaning cloths the unpaper towel, but they are really so much more than quick mess cleaner uppers. Bamboo is naturally extremely absorbent, which makes it amazing for cleaning up the juice spills and all the “oops” moments our kiddos create, but these also work as the perfect reusable mop pads. Large enough to fit over a Swiffer mop, these quick bamboo towels can clean the floor then get tossed in the washer to be used again.   

One reviewer wrote, “We have been paper free in our kitchen for 10 years. We recently needed a refresh on our towel supply and tried 4 different variations of organic unbleached cotton and bamboo. These came out on top, and are better than other cotton bar towel and square towel that we tried in the past. They are a nice size that is in between a larger towel and the smaller ‘shop rag’ size. They are sturdy, soft, neutral in color, and absorb well.”

$18.95 AT AMAZON

Wowables Reusable Paper Towel

Wowables 30 Sheet Reusable Paper Towels by Lola Products fits a standard paper towel holder and comes in four fun colors (green, pink, purple, and yellow). Even better than choosing color to match your kitchen is the fact that these can save an average family of 4 up to $500 over the lifetime of the roll. This is assuming more than two years of usage, but they’re so absorbent and reusable we don’t see a reason they wouldn’t last this long! Wowables are even recommended as a green solution for Swiffer refills.  

One mama shared, “I almost never leave reviews but after this morning went on my computer just to do this: I CLEANED (ALMOST) MY ENTIRE BATHROOM WITH ONE. Trying to use fewer household cleaners and I was lazy so just started cleaning my bathroom using one of these and water and let me tell you I cleaned my tub, shower, and some of the baseboards. Literally all you need is water and a little elbow grease. When it’s gross, rinse in warm water and it’s good as new.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Enviro Safe Home Bamboo Paper Towels

Enviro Safe Home recommends giving their reusable bamboo towels as a hostess gift. Good for up to 1,700 uses and 85 spins in the wash, they are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Made of ultra absorbent bamboo, they dust, they mop, they even cha cha cha (well kind of). They have little green bamboo scrubbing dots on each sheet that are pure magic.

One reviewer shared their experience with them. “I just ordered one unit to test if it really does the job since it’s quite a cheap price compared to other brands. To my surprise, it works equally the same as the other brand that I was using. Wanted to mention one more thing, the power scrubbing dot are really awesome. My daughter spilled soup on carpet and my wife dabbed it and scrubbed the stain for a couple minutes with just a few drops of water and bamboo scrubbing dots and it disappeared.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON


Looking for more green alternatives for the home and kitchen? Check out all of our mom approved must haves for every room in the house.

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