This Compact Is The Only Thing You'll Need For A Shine-Free Complexion This Summer

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Katie Bingham-Smith

Summer is here which means so is our shine. By that, I mean it can look like we have a spotlight shining on our faces at all times (and not in a good way). To combat the excess oil that creeps up when the temps rise, I’ve found the perfect solution: The Hollyhoux Liquid Cooling Pack.

If you are anything like me, you’ve struggled with this. You apply sunscreen, you need that moisturizer, but what you are left with is blinding everyone who walks by you because your forehead is now a grease slick.

Katie Bingham-Smith

I hate dusting on powder over and over– it gets cakey, doesn’t last very long, and before I know it, I have wrinkles I didn’t have a few hours earlier; because no matter how good your powder is, when you are applying it every hour, it will forms its own cracks. However, this Hollyhoux Liquid Cooling Pack does the job better: It’s a cooling, oil-absorbing gel that doesn’t wipe away your makeup or smudge it at all — all you have to do is press the cushion into the soft pillow and gently dab it on your skin. It’s colorless so you can wear it over any foundation shade, and it works with any skin color so there’s no guesswork involved. Plus, it’s ideal for slipping into your purse because it’s slim and doesn’t take up too much space.

Katie Bingham-Smith

I love the smell of this product and you can literally feel the gentle, cooling tingle when you apply it to your skin. I give my shiny spots a few taps and it’s long-lasting without the heavy makeup look. You can throw it in your beach bag if you are looking for an easy way to freshen up after a day in the sun, and it’s a must-have for a summer night out.

Katie Bingham-Smith

I’ll never go back to powder to remove the shine from my face– this is so much cleaner, feels so fresh, and is great for all skin types.

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