9 Best Kids Cotton Candy Machines 2021: Make Sweet Treats At Home

Best Cotton Candy Machines For Kids Who Love Sugar (AKA All Kids)

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Cotton candy machines are kid’s bash essential since the fluffy treat is the best thing to ever happen to sugar and air. If you want to earn some major cool mom points, get them a cotton candy maker for kids to celebrate a birthday, special occasion, or a “just because” surprise to enjoy at home. We want to warn you, though, you may need to have an energy-burning outdoor activity planned for the inevitable sugar rush to follow. So, pull out the kids punching bag for a few rounds of boxing or grab their Fitbits and challenge them to a backyard trampoline jump-off. Now, it’s time to whip up those sweet clouds of sugar and let the games begin!

How to make cotton candy:

Each machine has its own specific instructions, which you should definitely read before getting started. Those will tell you the correct heat-up time and when to add the flossing sugar. But here’s the general gist: Turn on the machine to let it warm up. This might take 10 to 20 minutes. It’s important not to put the sugar in before it’s heated or else you might end up with burned, melted sugar stuck to the sides of the machine. Put in the suggested amount of sugar, and the machine will immediately/magically spin cotton candy. Grab a cone and move it in a circular motion in the machine to catch the cotton candy. High five each other. Eat cotton candy.


After doing some extensive research on cotton candy machines (there are worse things to research, BTW), we found the best picks on Amazon and Walmart for making this delicious carnival snack. We have cotton candy makers for family use and commercial-grade machines that’ll sweeten up an entire party. PSA: While some of the cotton candy machines on this list are designed to be more kid-friendly, they can get very hot. Adult supervision is required (and adult-only operation is essential with the commercial-grade units), as well as protective eyewear — just in case there’s any projectile sugar.

Best Kids’ Cotton Candy Machines 

ANCROWN Cotton Candy Maker

Here’s a portable cotton candy maker that doesn’t take up too much space, which is a pretty great feature if you aren’t into eye sores in your kitchen. It’s easy to use and takes about two minutes to make one cotton candy. Kids can even use their favorite hard candy to add different flavors to each batch, so bring on the Jolly Ranchers!

$49.99 AT AMAZON

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

Take a look at this easy-to-use, high-quality cotton candy machine that’s also easy to clean (yay!). It takes about three to five minutes to get a solid puff of cotton candy with this bad boy, but luckily, it’s fun to watch cotton candy twirl around. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “The machine is high-quality very solid, not like the cheap machines you see around. We made about twenty cotton candy cones, one after another without any issues. Great value for the money.”

$58.99 AT AMAZON

Nostalgia Retro Countertop Cotton Candy Maker

This cotton candy maker has a retro design that will add some cool factor to your countertop. It can be used with flossing sugar or hard candy (finally, a way to use up the extra sweets still hanging around from Halloween). One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This is great and easy to use! It says to heat up for 10 minutes and then add one scoop — one scoop will make a very large adult-size cotton candy or two kid-sized ones — total time about 3 minutes after heat up.”

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Nostalgia Retro Cotton Candy Maker and Party Kit

Another retro cotton candy machine with a cool design. (Obviously, cotton candy tastes better if it comes from a retro machine.) You can purchase it by itself or with a party kit that comes with 42 cones, bags, and pink vanilla, blue raspberry, and strawberry flossing sugar jars.

$64.98 AT AMAZON

The Candery Premium Cotton Candy Machine

Another pick from The Candery, we love the space-agey look of this sugary treat maker. It features a protective shield and a roomy stainless steel bowl for easy cone twirling. It’s also lightweight and portable, so you can stash it when it’s not in use. Use sugar floss or hard candy (even if it’s sugar-free!) to make the sweet treats of your choice.

$62.98 AT AMAZON

J-JATI Cotton Candy Maker

This little machine is ideal for family fun any time! The J-JATI Cotton Candy Maker is compact and has simple one-button operation. Suitable for use with sugar floss or hard candies of all kinds, you can have a party at home any night of the week.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Party Machines: Best Commercial-Grade Cotton Candy Machines At Walmart

Great Northern Popcorn Company "Flufftastic" Cotton Candy Machine

While not specifically designed for kids to operate, this “Flufftastic” cotton candy machine is every child’s dream. Maybe because the cart has a very Disneyland or carnival vibe. Because it’s a big machine, your kids will definitely need your help. While the device heats up quickly, the device comes equipped with  power stabilization to help save electricity, as well as a built-in fuse for safety.

$349.50 AT WALMART

VEVOR Electric Cotton Candy Machine

Okay parents, this cotton candy machine will require your assistance because it’s heavy-duty, but it’ll be worth it when your kids shove their sweet little faces in a giant cotton candy fluff. It’s super cool because it’s technically for commercial use, which really just means it makes more cotton candy than a smaller machine (aka, it’s a “party” machine). It also means it can produce colorful cotton candy with a variety of flavors. Profesh, for sure.

$140.99 AT WALMART

Clevr Large Cotton Candy Machine

Your kids might think they have this cotton candy under control, but since it’s for a commercial-grade machine, that’s a big nope, so plan on helping them out with this one. The device itself comes in pink and blue and produces two to four servings of cotton candy per minute, which is perfect for parties, or if you plan on sugar-loading all the neighborhood kids. Their parents would certainly love that.

$179.99 AT WALMART

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