13 Best Crib Sheets For Babies & Infants, According To Moms 2021

The Coziest Crib Sheets For Your Bebé

January 21, 2021 Updated May 7, 2021

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Babies absolutely don’t care what their crib sheets look and feel like (that we know of), but parents 100 percent do. Buying a cute crib sheet is an easy way to add some color, design, or even neutrality to a nursery. There are so many options for crib sheets on the interwebs (like most baby gear), and it can be overwhelming. So, to help narrow things down, we’ve rounded up the best crib sheets that bring both style and comfort to your baby’s nursery. And when you’re done, you can shop for some baby bouncers (trust us, you’ll thank us later).

Whether you’re looking for a sheet to add a pop of color, one with a dreamy or rad design, one that’s organic, one that’s amazingly soft, or all of the above, this list will lead you in the right direction.

Best Crib Sheets

American Baby Company Jersey Cotton 3-Pack

These sheets come in a 3-pack and are made of 100% jersey cotton, aka soft T-shirt fabric. They have a snug fit and available in a variety of colors. According to an Amazon review by MT, the sheets are well worth the money. “These are so great. Super soft. Hold up really well. My first used her sheets until she was almost 2. The sheets held up well enough for my second to use for a while.”

$22.75 AT AMAZON

Burt's Bees Baby Organic Fitted Crib Sheet

It’s hard to go wrong with Burt’s Bees, and we love recommending the brand since their quality is amazing.  These sheets are made of 100% organic breathable cotton, with several super cute designs to choose from. They’re soft and have a snug fit with a bit of extra stretch, which makes them easier to put on and you a lot happier.

$19.96 AT AMAZON

BROLEX Jersey Knit 2-Pack

This 2-pack of jersey knit crib sheets has over 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, and for good reason. They’re super soft, snug, come in several cute designs, and they’re surprisingly inexpensive.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

TILLYOU Microfiber Sheet

Parents swear by these microfiber, breathable sheets. According to reviews, they are incredibly soft and do wonders to help get babies to sleep. Amazon reviewer Victoria wrote, “I purchased the purple blanket because I read purple is a calming color for babies and I figured it would make her more comfortable in her crib. It was even better than I could’ve imagined. After months of trying to get her to sleep in her crib, the first night using this she went right to sleep. No fighting her sleep or tossing around trying to get comfortable or anything, she drifted right off to sleep and stayed asleep.” And with 14 colors to choose from, there’s something for every nursery.


Coco Beans Silk Crib Sheet

Getting your LO to a silk crib sheet is about more than treating them like the little prince or princess they are. Like the silk pillowcases and eye masks that are oh-so-trendy, silk crib sheets are ideal for curly-haired and sensitive-skinned babes. A silk sheet doesn’t have the moisture-zapping properties of cotton, so sleeping on one helps prevent tangles, frizz, and even bald spots — common issues for cuties with textured hair or lots of curls. It’s also ideal for littles whose skin is perpetually dry, plus it’s temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, breathable, and luxuriously soft to keep Baby comfy all night long. And now, the most important part, Mamas: this game-changing sheet is machine-washable and dry-able, and it launders beautifully (trust us, we speak from experience). Get it with adorable confetti, floral, and grey bunny prints, or classic white. Now, if only they came in adult sizes …


Pottery Barn Kids Brushstroke Dot Organic Fitted Crib Sheet

Pottery Barn Kids never fails to deliver the cutest decor. This 100% organic cotton sheet with a dotted brushstroke design is chic and will bring a cool factor to your baby’s nursery. A bonus: The sheet is hypoallergenic to help create a healthy sleep environment.


LifeTree Feather Print Fitted Crib Sheet

This sheet comes in three designs: feathers, rainbows, and hot air balloons. The fabric is 100% cotton, which is designed to promote a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Amazon reviewers Megan and Lane Oswalt are big fans, writing “I was SO impressed with these sheets. After I washed them they felt like that comfy old T-shirt you love to lounge around in — yet they are brand new and in fantastic condition! I’ve purchased many sheets from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware — these sheets beat both of those brands by a long shot.”

$17.90 AT AMAZON

TEALBEE Organic Cotton Crib Sheet

A hypoallergenic crib sheet for a baby who’s definitely not allergic to adventure. It’s 100% cotton, soft, and cute as can be. It comes in three patterns: Mountain, Milk, and ABCs. These also have deep pockets, so they’re perfect for thicker crib mattresses.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

JumpOff Fairy Blossoms Crib Sheet

The sweetest design for the sweetest baby. This fitted crib sheet is 100% cotton and hypoallergenic. It was designed by parents… for parents. If you’re looking for an Instagram-able sheet, this one will get the job done nicely.

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Kids N' Such Jersey Cotton Crib Sheet 2-Pack

This 2-pack of 100% jersey cotton crib sheets has the dreamiest floral and water color patterns. Plus, they’re SO soft. You can also buy matching bassinet sheets, changing pad covers, and portable crib sheets.

$24.95 AT AMAZON

Pobi Baby Fitted Crib Sheet 2-Pack

These sheets are so stylish and soft, grown ups want them for themselves, as Amazon reviewer Jackie Allem put it: “These are the softest sheets I’ve ever felt and I’m actually jealous and wish I had them for my adult king size bed! They’re perfect and we’re so happy to have them on the mattress and ready to go for my infant’s arrival.” The patterns also come in bassinet sheets, changing pad covers, and portable crib sheets. There’s also the option to buy a single sheet for $19.99.

$29.95 AT AMAZON

QuickZip Crib Sheet Set

The perfect sheets for quick changes—you know, the ones that always seem to require your attention in the middle of the night. The set comes with one base and three zip-on sheets, and it’s ideal for diaper leaks and toddlers who are potty training. The bottom sheet stays put, and when you need to, simply unzip the top part and throw it in the wash. The sheets are a bit on the pricier side, but since they really do make life easier, they’re well worth it.

$94.99 AT AMAZON

World of Eric Carle™ Organic Sheet Set & Pillowcase

Two of the many reasons we love this new Eric Carle/Pottery Barn sheet collab: One, they come in toddler size, meaning you can use the fitted sheet in the crib, then add the top sheet and pillowcase once they graduate to a toddler bed. Two, Eric Carle (’nuff said). They’re made of cool, smooth organic cotton percale that’s GOTS Certified and might even make you a bit jealous. And the letter and animal print? So adorable for any boy or girl. These sheets also come in twin and full sizes, which are both currently on clearance and an extra 30% off with the code EXTRA30. 


Twin & full sizes: Extra 30% off with the code EXTRA30

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Twin & full sizes: Extra 30% off with the code EXTRA30