The Best Gifts For New Homeowners Who Are Putting Down Roots

by Megan McCarty
best gifts for new homeowners
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We take our top-notch gift-giving skills seriously around here, including this list of best gifts for new homeowners. If your friends are in the house-buying stage and they’re ready to nest, we feel for both them and you. For them: We know that moving is stressful and homeowning is a big responsibility. For you, because finding a new home gift that feels like a good fit for them, their new abode, and your budget is tricky. That’s where we come in.

For the record, a gift for a new homeowner may be on the more practical side than your typical housewarming gift, since it’s the first time they’re permanently putting down roots. (And yes, we consider cans of rosé as being “practical.”) So scroll on for 20 of our favorite new homeowners’ gifts, from items that’ll make your pals feel more at home to others that will make their lives easier, prettier, or yummier. Think: An impossible-to-kill plant, a personalized doormat, a fancy return address stamp. and so much more. Hopefully, they’ll be saying, “I never thought of that!” and thinking of you every time they see or use your gift.

Best Gifts For New Homeowners

Best Practical Gifts For New Homeowners