30 Best Golf Gifts For People Who Live On The Green

by Nichole Talbot
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best golf gifts
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It’s time to talk about the best golf gifts because people are golfing — like, a lot. During 2020, the sport saw a surge in popularity and added 500,000 more fairway fans, a two percent increase from 2019. Makes sense, 2020 was our annus horribilus (worst year ever) due to COVID-19. We were looking for any opportunity to escape our homes and have fun safely, and what could be safer than a spread-out outdoor sport you can appreciate solo or with a couple of quaranteam buddies? Golf is also a great sport for kids and something the whole family can enjoy outside together.

We’ll see if the popularity sticks, but as of now, interest in golf is showing no sign of letting up. So you probably have some newer golfers in your life who are gearing up, know a veteran golfer who’d love something to give them an extra edge, or you may be the one looking to treat yourself to something new and unique. Whatever brought you here, we’ve got you. And don’t forget the all-important sun protection—sunscreen and a good hat are a must!

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