11 Best Kids Golf Clubs, From Pro-Level To Playtime 2021

The Best High-Performance Golf Clubs For Toddlers, Kids, And Teens

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So, your child’s going to play golf, and you gotta buy some kids’ golf clubs, STAT. Whether they’ve set the PGA Tour in their sights or you simply want to get them away from their Chromebooks, golf is a great sport for kids whether they’re a toddler, teen, or somewhere in between. 

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Every sport has its culture, and golf is no different. Picking up golf is kind of like traveling to another country. First, you’ve got to learn the language, and golf has all sorts of interesting lingo, some of which sounds oddly like pet names (birdie and bogey, say what?). There are also all the rules, customs, and etiquette that officially and unofficially govern play. All this is to say that, even in spite of the learning curve, golf is totally worth it and a fantastic sport for kids. It teaches valuable life lessons they can benefit from on the course and in life, like adaptability, focus, and problem solving.

“A round of golf is a ‘lesson in life,’ meaning that just like in life where we set out to follow a plan, throughout the day but we end up improvising, overcoming obstacles and changing goals,” said Jim Hardy, Senior Director at U.S. Kids Golf Academy at Longleaf Golf & Family Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina. “Golf does the same thing as it strengthens our ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Words like resilience, persistence, focus, and patience are part of the game of golf and life.”

Before their first lesson or play time, help set them up for a good session. When it comes to attire, collared shirts are recommended for girls and boys as well as a good pair of shorts (no denim), and a pair of clean sneakers to start. Since they’ll be outdoors, a water bottle and sunscreen are also a must. And, of course, the golf clubs. Rental fees can add up fast depending on the facility, so purchasing a set or individual clubs is the better long-term option. We’re breaking down some favorite kids’ golf clubs that they’ll enjoy at least until their next growth spurt. 

Best Kids’ Golf Club Sets

Club sets offer the most swing for your buck and are the most cost-effective way to go, especially if your child loves golf, takes year-round lessons, and wants to level up their game.

Aspire Junior Plus Golf Club Set

If you’re searching for a solid entry-level set that your child can grow into as their skills improve, the Aspire Junior Plus Set is the way to go. Clubs are crafted with the same precision quality as Aspire’s adult sets, but scaled down in size and weight for young golfers. Four clubs are included, all with lightweight shafts and junior-sized grips: driver, hybrid wood, stainless steel iron, and putter. A lightweight mesh standing bag is also included that’s easy to carry and has pockets and dividers to keep everything organized. And if you live in a rainy climate, no problem—the bag comes with head covers so your new investment stays dry during practice or play. The great thing about this set is that it’s offered in several different age groups. If your child loves this set, you can purchase the same but in a larger size as they grow!

$171.84 AT AMAZON

Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

One of the most top rated kids’ golf club sets on Amazon, the Precise X7 Junior Set has everything your child needs to bring their A-game. It includes all of the most-used clubs — driver, hybrid, and putter — as well as two irons for ages 6 to 12 for more adaptable play. Made from lightweight graphite for better loft and distance and offer a good foundation for learning golf fundamentals. Many parents agree. From reviewer Working Mom, “Great beginner set for kids trying out golf. Bag and clubs look nice, and the clubs feel and hit nicely.” Bonus—this club set is available for right and left handed golfers and in several sizes from ages three to twelve!

$120.71 AT AMAZON

Best Kids’ Golf Clubs

If your child is trying out golf for the first time, purchasing single clubs may also be a good option. It’s a low-cost way for them to test the waters before you commit a chunk of your paycheck to high-performance (read: pricey) clubs. You also have the freedom to mix and match clubs depending on their preferences and style of play, though it may be hard to figure out if your three to five-year-old is trying to chop wood or drive the ball!

Crestgolf Junior Rubber Golf Putter

A good quality putter is a must for any type of precision ball work. As with most things in life, you gotta walk before you can run, and early golfers need to learn how to putt before moving on to more advanced skills. Plus, their ability to tap the ball into the hole will give them the needed confidence to progress to a driving swing. The Crestgolf Junior Putter takes care of all the basics and is a great starter club. Its universal design works for both right and left-handed golfers, yay! There are a lot of color options too, from black to day-glow yellow, so they can match it with their current clubs or go bold and bright to mix things up (and make for easy spotting on the course). A stainless steel shaft offers durability and greater control, and the putter head and grip are made of high-quality rubber for better precision while practicing outdoors or indoors. Heck, they can even take it for miniature golf outings if they want to be extra fancy.

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Iron Club

Irons come in a bunch of sizes that can be dizzying to figure out for the uninitiated. The typical size range is 3 to 9, with loft or hittable surface area increasing from low to high. A number 7 iron is a solid mid range club good for longer approach shots and is usually the size that comes in a full set. Orlimar offers a good-quality iron for the price. The full product listing indicates this is a boys’ club, but feel free to ignore it completely. The only differences in kids’ clubs are left vs. right, color, and size. Height, swing speed, and ability should be your guide. If your daughter wants a blue club and your son prefers a red one, go for it and don’t let any retailer tell them otherwise. Orlimar also offers a hybrid, putter, and wedge to complete the set. 

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Top Flight Kids Driver

Top Flight offers a complete selection of performance clubs for kids ages three to twelve and makes it easy to purchase what your child needs based on height and skill level. Their driver gets especially high marks for its lightweight construction and lower center of gravity that helps improve kids’ swing and launch ability. The aerodynamic club head helps increase ball speed and distance to maximize emerging swing skills. Its undersized rubber grip is sized to your golfer’s height and encourages correct grip pressure. Top Flight features a complete line of clubs that can be purchased individually or as part of a set: driver, hybrid, sand wedge, putter, and an assortment of irons. 

$34.99 AT DICK'S

Best Kids’ Left Handed Golf Clubs

Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

You’d think sports equipment manufacturers would get a clue and offer just as many choices for left-handed players. Unfortunately many golf club manufacturers cater to right handed golfers. Lefties should never be left with few choices in clubs and sets, and thankfully some top brands are being more inclusive by offering similar left handed players like this set from Wilson. Their color-coded Profile system offers eight size tiers to make it easy to find a custom fit for your child. The set includes a driver, short iron, wedge, and putter. The clubs are designed with kids’ physiology in mind: Weight is positioned lower in the driver head to help launch the ball off the tee, and the short iron features a larger hittable face to advance swing skills. These little design touches are what set it apart and will help young players build skills and confidence on the range or the green. The set also comes with a lightweight carry bag and head covers. 

$129.99 AT AMAZON

Top Flight 9 Piece Complete Set

You can’t go wrong with this Top Flight Golf Club Set that’s crafted for junior lefties. Graphite construction is lightweight and forgiving for young golfers as they develop their skills and level of play. Their performance hybrid eliminates the need for longer irons with its increased accuracy and versatility. Mid range 7 and 9 irons feature perimeter weight placement ideal for longer range shots, and a mallet putter has alignment cutouts for better precision, aim, and stroke consistency. Reviewer lordnoah agrees, “It’s a nice rounded, quality set with driver, hybrid, several irons (including sand wedge), as well as a putter. The shafts are a super soft graphite so they can work on getting club head speed up while their swing develops. Generous sweet spot for getting the most out of mis-hits.” Set also includes a driver, sand wedge, and mesh nylon carrying bag. All in all, a great beginner to intermediate set. 

$149.99 AT DICK'S

Best Kids’ Plastic Golf Clubs

Meland Golf Play Set

Now your toddler can play along just like their older siblings with this nifty plastic club set by Meland. It has everything your budding golfer needs to get acquainted with the game, with golf balls, four clubs, holes, and bases. They can get a feel for practicing their drive swing (heads up!) and work on their putting accuracy. Get your little ones outside and on the green, or just give them something to do in the backyard! Designed for kids aged 3 to 6, the set promotes motor development, focus, and hand-eye coordination. All pieces can be stowed away in the colorful caddy in rainbow colors to  make them easy to spot at the park. It’s also super lightweight with a retractable handle, so they can blissfully pull it along themselves.

$25.97 AT AMAZON

JOYIN Golf Club Toy Set

Make golf simple and fun with this play set that inspires independence and early appreciation for the game. Its plastic construction is sturdy enough to withstand missed swings but lightweight for easy carrying. A foot pedal makes it easy to move the ball to the pitch and on the tee for emerging putting and driving. The most glorious feature of this play set? The clubs are adjustable and they grow with your kids, which means you don’t have to fork over money for a larger set next year. If this golf set can keep them busy in the backyard while you’re on the patio working or drinking a cocktail or five, it’s money well spent. 

$31.95 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Golf Clubs

Top Flight 5 Piece Golf Club Set

Figuring out a golf set for the five and under crowd is hard. They’re begging you to play golf, but are they serious (as serious as a 4-year-old can be about anything) or would they be just as happy with a plastic backyard set? The Top Flight 5-Piece Set can meet you somewhere in the middle with its solid entry-level features and overall performance for the price. Three clubs are all kids really need to cover the basics and to keep things simple and fun: a driver with special center of gravity placement for distance, a nine iron, and mallet putter. Krista, a mom of a young golfer, swears by the set. “They’ve been great for golf summer camps, the junior golf program, and playing at Top Golf. The bag is great for my daughter’s petite frame so she can carry it herself while walking the course.” The set includes a mesh stand bag with cover and is available to purchase for a right or left handed golfer, hooray!

$109.99 AT DICK'S

Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Get their golf practice off on the right foot (and swing) with the Precise M7 Junior Golf Club Set. Designed for youngsters age 5 or 44” tall or under, it offers a great introduction to the sport. Precise clubs are great for beginner and intermediate golfers without the sticker shock that comes with an expensive sport. Clubs are designed for young bodies of varying skill levels, and their graphite construction is lightweight yet still hefty enough to achieve some serious flight and precision. Included in the set are a driver, hybrid, iron, and putter in a mesh bag with matching head covers. Even better, if they love the set it also comes in two larger sizes for ages 6 to 8 and 9 to 12.

$177.00 AT AMAZON

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Top Flight 9 Piece Complete Set
Meland Golf Play Set
JOYIN Golf Club Toy Set
Top Flight 5 Piece Golf Club Set
Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set