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Sun’s Out, Hats Out: 12 Best Sun Visors To Fashionably Protect Your Face

July 5, 2020 Updated May 10, 2021

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To survive summer in style (frozen margarita in hand, of course), a stylish womens visor hat is a wardrobe must-haves that every mom needs. Now that you’ve scouted out a bangin’ one-piece swimsuit, a cute t-shirt dress to throw on top, some sleek shades, and comfortable sandals that won’t give you blisters, a chic visor hat to match your cutie patootie is in order. When shopping for that perfect headpiece, you’ll want something that you can rock 24/7. If not to block out the sun (especially from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest), then to keep you cool when there’s not a beach umbrella in sight. Some questions to ask yourself: Can it easily be folded up/packed in a bag or suitcase for a spontaneous excursion to the beach someday? Does it provide UV protection? It is functional and statement-making? This summer, I think you deserve to lounge in the sun and read a good Literotica book. How’s that for relaxing?

From wallet-friendly sport visors that you can snag on Amazon to trendy straw visors (who knew?!?), we’re bringing you all the latest mom-friendly fashion finds. Get ready for summer at the kiddie pool looking like your favorite celebrity mamas and style influencers. Try a summer camp-worthy lewk with your favorite visor hat (outfit inspo courtesy of the lovely Reese Witherspoon) or take advantage of a matching mother-and-daughter moment (we’re looking at you, Jessica Alba!).

Here are the best sun visors for women!

Best Visors for Women

Simplicity Women's UPF 50+ Wide Brim Roll-up Straw Sun Visor

Hold your horses, ladies! Before summer is over, trust us, you have plenty of excuses to reach for this chic straw hat from Simplicity. If you live in the south, then the dog days of summer will likely continue through mid-October. You know the drill: Chilly mornings and balmy afternoons. Whether you opt for jeans and an oversized cardigan or a fall-ready prairie dress (hellooo, trips to the apple orchard), this accessory du jour will pay for itself. At $17, it’s a steal. 

One Amazon customer shares, “I love floppy hats at the beach but can’t wear them if I have my hair up in a bun, so this is a perfect alternative. It rolls up easily, so it takes up virtually no space in a beach bag or suitcase. Highly recommend.”

$18.99 AT AMAZON

O'NEILL Forage Straw Visor

No matter where this summer takes you, one thing you won’t have to worry about is looking drab. With this SUPER cute zig-zag embroirderd trimmed sunhat in your arsenal, you’re guaranteed to make a splash… even it’s just by the kiddie pool. #MomJokes We’re partial to the natural color, but it’s also available black with white trim. Toss it on with a chambray shirt and chinos or an airy maxi dress for a Montauk-worthy look.  

TL;DR Buy this hat and you won’t be sorry. 


Brixton Monroe Denim Visor

Five words: demin hats are back, baby. As far as polarizing trends go, it doesn’t get more WTF-worthy than this throwback classic rooted in the ’90s. If you can get onboard with biker shorts and tie-dye anything, then you sure as hell can embrace the denim visors. Equal parts stylish and functional, this visor is the street-elevating accessory that your “mom” wardrobe needs. If you’re not set on the blue denim, there’s a striped version as well.


Naples Convertible Hat

This visor is two in one, how awesome is that? Wear it as a hat or visor. It’s packable and foldable so that you can easily toss it in a suitcase or take it on a hike without ruining its shape. Made from UPF 50+ material, this high-quality straw hat even has a sweat-absorbent inner band to keep you cool in the sweltering heat.

With a 4.7/5 rating on Bloomingdale’s, customers can’t help but sing their praise. “I chose this hat because I was looking for something versatile whilst still giving me full sun protection. I love the length of the visor, how broad it is too. It gives me precisely the coverage I was looking for, at a modest price. And it takes no space in the bag or the suitcase so I can take it anywhere with me. Just perfect!


Hemlock Hat Co. Capri Visor

Give your summer wardrobe the trendy makeover it deserves, mama. Hemlock visors aren’t just restricted to cool adolescents who shop at UO, this visor would look adorable with a cropped t-shirt, bike shorts, and your favorite summer slides. Wear it around town, while floating down the river on a pool float, or just because you can. What can we say, this visor ~issa vibe~ on its own. The elastic closure makes sure it stay snug no matter what summer activity you’re doing with the kids. 


Eric Javits Champ Visor

Chic happens! When you have a large brim hat with this much panache, you’re good to go. Style it with a sundress for a picnic in the park or chino shorts and a fisherman sweater for one last boardwalk stroll—you do YOU. If you’re a self-proclaimed summer girl, then we highly recommend investing in this hat for a dose of Florida (or fill-in-the-blank exotic destination of your dreams) sunshine. When it comes to sun coverage, we can’t stress enough the importance of wearing SPF even during the cooler months. With UPF 50+ coverage, this hat will keep your fragile face protected from the sun’s intensity. (But ya know, you should still lather on the sunscreen.) This lovely hat is also available in beige.

“Beautiful and functional!” one reviewer raved, “This is my second hat in this style and I absolutely love it! The only reason I bought a second one was because I wore my first hat almost everyday for 5 years (my eyes are very sensitive to light) and the black had started to fade, but only a little. The brim covers the sun from almost every angle and it’s super comfortable to wear for long periods. Also, it’s beautiful to wear with a t-shirt and a dress!”


Gemelli Pink Hat with Face Cover

During this pandemic, a hat with a face cover has practically become the new norm. Fashionable and functional, this cute pink baseball cap (also available in black) will allow you to venture outside without a face mask. The PVC face shield is removable so you can also just wear the hat on its own when you’re able to safely keep your distance. Having a bad hair day or attempting to disguise dreaded second day hair? Just pop this bad boy over a ponytail for an instantly pulled-together look. We love the sporty appeal of this hat—all that’s missing is an oversized “mom” sweatshirt and some biker shorts.


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Sun Visors for Women

Large Brim Sun Visor with UV Protection for Women

Go big or go home with the sportiest hat of the season (available in an uber-trendy pastel color block design or black and white). If you’re the type of mom who lathers on SPF 100+ and wears a rashguard to the beach to keep covered, then this visor was made for you. The brim on this guy is twice the size of your normal visor or baseball cap, offering more shade for your forehead, neck, and chin. You can wear it while jogging or when playing lifeguard at the pool. With over 1K ratings on Amazon, customers love it too. “I love this visor hat! The extra-wide brim is perfect for sun protection on my morning walks. It’s protective from the sunshine and I can still keep my head up to see where I’m going without the sunshine getting in the way. There is a neck strap that you can add, for windy days. The back is secured with a stretchy band that has a clasp and can be adjusted. I can put my hair up and still have sun protection. Just what I wanted!

$17.99 AT AMAZON

San Diego Women's Ultrabraid Large Brim Sun Visor

Say “aloha” to the cutest hat in town. Part visor, part straw hat, this summer-friendly topper is ready for a hammock break or camping trip with the fam. Toss it in your beach bag alongside flip flops and a bikini coverup for an off-duty look that won’t cramp your style. Thanks to the funnel shape, you can even pull a ponytail through the opening. AKA, no dreaded hat hair to speak of!

Take it from this mama, “I love this visor hat thing! I bought this on impulse this summer after realizing that I needed some face protection from the sun while at the pool with my toddler… My favorite part about it is that it protects my hair from the water a little bit. My hair is long and curly and somewhat high-maintenance. I have been trying to find a way to keep it dry so that I don’t have to do a full wash routine after every trip to the pool, while I still want to get in the water and play with my kid. I’ve given up on swim caps. But I was pleasantly surprised by this! I put my hair into a topknot and this hat over the top, and the brim provides some splash protection! As long as I don’t go under or really jump around, my hair can still be mostly dry afterwards. I like having that flexibility.


FENELY Women's Floppy Wide Brim Sun Visor

We don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t need to spend $300+ on a fancy sun visor from Eugenia Kim. Amazon has you covered with a strikingly similar floppy straw beach visor for a fraction of the price… Choose from 11 colors for a panache-packed look that you can pull off anywhere. Perhaps, the best part is that you can also score one for your mini for a matching mommy and me moment. If anything, buy it for the ‘gram! Says one Amazon customer, “I love this sun hat it’s very comfortable an covers all my face from the sun. You can adjust it to the size of your head and come with this optionals straps to hold the hat to your chin and also you can fold the hat for travel. Doesn’t look cheap for the price!!!”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Best No Headache Visors

No Headache Original Sport Sun Visor

The original No Headache Visor is your go to if you suffer from migraines or headaches when wearing hats. ” I LOVE THESE VISORS,” said one reviewer. “I have never been able to were a visor as they would give me a headache after just a couple of hours. I can wear this visor all day without any pain.”

$10.95 AT AMAZON

Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Aqua Sun Visor

If you’re going on a vacation and plan on being in the water most of the time, this visor from Wallaroo is for you. It’s lightweight, quick drying, and has a wide enough brim to protect your face from the sun. One reviewer said, “This visor is fantastic! It’s lightweight but with a very stiff brim; wide coverage means my entire face is shielded from the sun. I love that this can be worn in or near water, yet also looks nice enough to wear in less casual situations. The adjustable drawstrings are a fantastic addition that make the visor so comfortable and secure. I plan to buy more of these in other colors!!”

$31.00 AT AMAZON

Looking to update your summer wardrobe? Gear up for the rest of the season with these mom-approved summer fashion essentials!

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