These Hand Sanitizer Keychains Ensure Your Kid Always Has A Bottle On Them

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Best Hand Sanitizer Keyrings

A hand sanitizer keyring or keychain is a convenient way to keep the stuff handy. After all — pandemic or not — good hygiene is non-negotiable. While you may be able to keep everyone inside your house clean (more or less), it’s much harder to keep things germ-free once your kids are at school or traveling anywhere, in general. Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean their hands, especially if a bathroom or sink isn’t immediately nearby. But keeping track of hand sanitizer bottles, particularly travel-friendly ones, is another task. Somehow, kids manage to lose jackets and half their toys… how do you expect them to keep track of a tiny little bottle?

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Hand sanitizer keychains can help make sure disinfectant is always nearby. These holders have hooks or loops that can attach to backpacks, bags, and more, and they hold mini bottles that you can fill with the hand sanitizer of your choice. They’re practical for parents, who can save themselves the effort of digging through a seemingly bottomless bag just to find one small bottle (not to mention, there’s plenty of cool designs from fancy leather cases to Disney character themed). And they’re also great for kids, who can use the keychains to personalize their stuff and avoid losing yet one more thing. Many of them also have cute designs that will encourage your kids to reach for them to clean their hands — or at least, resist it less.

Ahead are 14 hand sanitizer keychains that both kids and parents alike will love.

Clip on Hand Sanitizer Holder

Silicone Hand Sanitizer Holder

Best Hand Sanitizer Keychains For Kids

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