Everyone Is Rushing To Buy This Huge Inflatable Island From Amazon

by Olivia Harvey
Inflatable Island

The chill in the air might make you think differently, but summer is truly just around the corner. Soon enough, we’ll be packing away our sweaters and digging our beach bags out of storage. And this year, you’ll definitely want to call on your pod to help you haul this inflatable floating island to the coastline. It’s currently being sold on Amazon for just under $200—but being a savvy Amazon shopper, you already know that price tag won’t stick around for long. As soon as that first wave of warmth hits, you’ll have to fork over a few more bucks for this awesome beach accessory.

The Bestway Hydro Force Tropical Breeze Floating Island Raft is about as luxe as it gets in the ocean floaty department. It can comfortably seat six people (as well as their drinks thanks to the built-in cupholders) and features a detachable sun shade so you and your beach buds can take a break from the summer sun while soaking your feet in the refreshing ocean water.

Other Amazon shoppers can’t stop talking about this (affordable) beast of a floaty. One customer raved that the Bestway Hydro Force raft is “life changing” and the “best purchase ever.” They wrote, “We have used it 4x this summer and it is a BLAST! A beast to carry to the water (need 3 people but 4 better), but blows up fast with my extra power pump.” To store, simply deflate it flat and “roll it up and put it into a large plastic tub to store,” the reviewer wrote. “Buy an anchor and soft rope with carabiner to be able to clip the anchor to the side ropes so you won’t float away.”

A wise woman once said, “I want to go to there.” She must have been talking about this float.