The Best Kids' Biker Shorts For Max Comfort & Coverage During Playtime

best kids biker shorts

Kids’ biker shorts belong in every kid’s dresser once the warm weather rolls around. After all, comfort is key — especially when it comes to children, and especially at playtime. These spandex shorts are perfect for sending your kids out into the yard to play some outdoor games or circling the neighborhood on their bikes. With a pair of these formfitting shorts, there’s no excess fabric getting in the way of zooming around, but everything is covered. (BTW, they’re a great piece for layering under dresses, too.)

Though many kids’ biker shorts are marketed for girls, at the end of the day, they’re pretty much just a pair of stretchy shorts, so any kid can wear them! Ahead, check out a selection of the best kids’ biker shorts so you can stock up for your little one. And if this sounds like something you’d want to wear, you’re in luck: Women’s biker shorts have made a comeback so you can snag some for yourself, too.

Best Kids Biker Shorts