10 Fuzzy, Cozy Slippers For The Little Monsters

by Ana Connery
Originally Published: 
Pottery Barn Kids Slippers

With all this hanging around the house we’re all doing, slippers are basically the new everyday shoe — and did you ever meet a kid that didn’t jump at the chance to slip on a pair of comfy, fuzzy slippers? Actually, did you ever meet anyone who didn’t jump at that chance? (Neither did we, that’s why we rounded up the best mom slippers, too.)

The right pair of kids fuzzy slippers aren’t just snug and cozy on the feet, they also provide plenty of support for all the impromptu jumping, sliding, and running around they do. Some can even be worn outdoors, extending their wear (and value!).

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Back inside, pair them with the best kids pajamas and a comfy kids bathrobe and your little one will be ready for their spa appointment when all this hunkering down finally winds down. Until then, they’ll be sporting these slippers as their school, play, and get ready for bed shoes. Come to think of it, they are our official WFH shoes, too.

Now that you’ve found something for the kids to wear when they’re chillaxing, check out all of our mom-approved kid’s gear to keep them comfy ALL the time.


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