9 Neigh-Worthy Kids Horse Toys Because EVERYONE Needs A Pony

by Katie Bond
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Kids Walking Horse Toys

Horse toys are always a winner because they inspire imaginations and make the absolute best little friends. Whether your kiddo is gearing up to be the next western-inspired hero in the house, or is just looking for some adorable equine buddies to add to their toy collection, these picks will satisfy their neigh-worthy needs.

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We know that every kid wants a pet. How many times have we heard “I want a pony” or a dog or a cat or a hamster for that matter. And no matter how they promise they’ll be the ones to take care of said pet, we know the truth. This is not our first turn on this rodeo (really??). So why not let them name the pony and care for it as they say they would. All while they stable it right in their own bedroom each night.

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We have a mix of realistic horse toys that are great for riding around the house, the best rocking horse for toddlers, and some kids horse toys that will inspire hours of equestrian adventures. And yes, that means maybe even a few minutes of chill time for you, mamas. There’s even a hobby horse that will be adorable on video.

So giddy up and get the best pick for you horse-loving kid. They’ll be racing and riding around the house and keeping themselves busy in no time!

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