FYI: These Are The Best Kids' Ice Skates This Year

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best kids ice skates
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One winter staple you’ll need aside from snow boots, snow hats, and snowsuits? Ice skates for your kids. ‘Tis the season for ice skating, after all. During the winter season, there are three solid (that’s an ice joke) options for ice skating: seasonal outdoor skating rinks, year round indoor skating rinks, and frozen ponds that have been safely and fully vetted. Wherever you take your kids to ice skate, one thing’s for sure—they’re going to need a great pair of ice skates that’ll keep them warm and won’t hurt their feet. (Flashback to your own childhood when you could only skate for 10 minutes before developing six blisters and at least one twisted ankle.)

To make your life a little easier, we’ve rounded up the best ice skates for toddlers and the best youth ice skates for girls and boys. Of course, your child can wear whatever color or style they prefer. There are options for beginners, kids with some experience, and kids who can already Kristi Yamaguchi a triple axel. OK, maybe just a double. No matter how many axels your child can or can’t do, these are our top picks for ice skates for kids.

Best ice skates for beginners

Best ice skates for girls

Best ice skates for boys

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