24 Best Karaoke Machines For Kids, Fun Guaranteed In 2021

The Best Karaoke Machines For Kids (Earplugs Not Included, Sorry)

February 4, 2021 Updated April 22, 2021

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Karaoke machines are…a lot. I know. When I first got pregnant and started picking out baby gear for my gift registry, I only had two rules: no noisy toys, and no creepy dolls. Why would I sign myself up for a headache or a haunting? Three kids later, I’ve quite literally changed my tune, because no noisy toys would mean no musical toys, and as I quickly learned, musical toys keep my kids the most entertained. (I kept my rule about the creepy dolls. Can’t be too careful these days.) And of all the musical toys in our house, our two (yup, TWO) karaoke machines get the most use. 

Now, the thought of karaoke machines might conjure foggy memories of dive bars and ’80s power ballads. But singing can build self-esteem and community. It can teach rhythm and pattern recognition, and can help kids memorize new information. (I can still list all 50 states alphabetically since learning Fifty Nifty United States in the 4th grade.) So for the love of song, here are the best karaoke machines for kids. 

The Best Karaoke Machines for Kids

eKids Trolls World Tour 2 Karaoke Machine

If your toddler can’t get enough of Poppy, Branch, Bridget and Biggie, then this is the machine for you. With multicolor LED lights, portable design, Bluetooth capabilities, and a USB port to load hundreds of songs, your toddler can start a jukebox musical of their own.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Frozen 2 Sing Along Karaoke Machine

This singalong toy is pre-loaded with Frozen 2‘s famous “Into the Unknown” but it also has the capability to hook up to an MP3 player and stream through Bluetooth. Batteries are included, so you can get started with your next musical adventure right out of the box.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

If your little one prefers to share the spotlight, this comes with two microphones, meaning, it’s always ready for a duet. The AUX allows you to connect to your music player and there’s even a button to play “applause” sounds. And the light show feature means the stage is set for a stellar performance.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

eKids Baby Shark Sing Along Boombox

I know you’re sick of Baby Shark. I am too! But the toddler in your life isn’t, and might not be for years, which makes this the perfect gift. If the day comes when they’re ready for a new tune, this killer karaoke machine can connect to your MP3 player.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Kidzlane Karaoke Machine for Kids with 2 Microphones

This happy little guy has 100 preloaded toddler-friendly songs, flashy lights, and a fun voice changer if you want to terrify a sleeping spouse. It also records up to 100 seconds, so your budding recording artist can start refining their act.

$43.99 AT AMAZON

IROO Kids Karaoke Machine

This rechargeable machine is great to take on the go and gets up to 6 hours on a single charge. The LED light show is adjustable, and there’s even a cute little holder for your phone. It comes with 70 demo songs, but you can also stream your own music with AUX and Bluetooth capabilities.

$56.99 AT AMAZON

N\A Kids Karaoke Machine with Microphone

With a cute owl design, this little wonder has no hard edges and is made for kids age 3 and up. With streaming music options including USB, SD card and even FM radio, your song choices are totally endless. Amazon Reviewer Quinnishia says, “the machine is louder than our bluetooth speaker so great stereo as well. Thanks 10 stars!!!!”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Singing Machine SML682BTW Groove Cube

This machine only comes with one microphone but has the hookup for a second mic (additional purchase required). It connects to your device or MP3 player and has a spot to rest your tablet. RCA cables are included if you really want to get fancy and hook it up to your television. And the LED light show has a controllable dimmer so you can really set the tone for a memorable performance.

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Singing Machine Kid's Pedestal Kids Karaoke System

This machine can be broken down for table top use, or a star-worthy pedestal that stretches up to 36 inches. It has six voice changing effects, record and playback capabilities, and two microphones to handle the rowdiest rap battles. It also has Bluetooth and AUX capabilities so you get to choose what songs your kids belt out.

$76.66 AT AMAZON

Singing Machine ISM398PP Karaoke System

Calling all divas! This pretty pink karaoke machine has a second microphone jack in case you need to purchase another for your backup singer. It even comes with a cute little cradle for your tablet so you can Bluetooth stream your favorite tracks. Amazon Reviewer C. Morgan says “I’m very glad Santa Claus gave our family this Karoake Singing Machine for Christmas. Everybody loves it, from age 1 to 80.”

$34.27 AT AMAZON

Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal

If your little idol is ready for the big leagues, this machine has Bluetooth and line-in capabilities to tap into your personal playlists. Or use the CD player to use your favorite karaoke disks. The RCA cords can hook up to your TV for lyric scrolling and the two tower speaker will turn your living room into your own private arena.

$199.99 AT AMAZON

Singing Machine Studio All-In-One Entertainment System

Puberty happens, and if your kid is having a tough time hitting those high notes, this machine comes with autotune. It also includes 10 bonus karaoke videos, AUX and Bluetooth capabilities, recording function, and 8” full-range woofer and 3” tweeter for all the sound you need and more.

$221.59 AT AMAZON

Singing Machine Official Carpool Karaoke, The Mic

If your kid is the next James Corden, make your own carpool karaoke memories with The Late Late Show’s official Mic. It pairs with your FM radio setting and device, so you can turn those long car rides into family fun.

$42.99 AT AMAZON

Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System & Party Machine

With a stand that adjusts from 2′-6′, this option is great for kids of all ages. Ten different voice controls, light show option, Bluetooth capabilities, and device holder, this is a best hits of function and style.

$149.99 AT AMAZON

Croove Karaoke Machine for Kids

Stream your favorite tunes through AUX, Bluetooth, or USB and grab your bestie and get ready to harmonize. This super cute machine has two mics, pretty flashing disco lights, and a rechargeable battery. Amazon Reviewer Meg says “Super for my six year old! Sounds great and she loves the fact that she can share with a friend at the same time! The lights are awesome too.”

$54.99 AT AMAZON

KINDL Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

Designed for youngsters ages 3 and up, this includes two wired microphones, voice changer, applause sound effects, and its adorable print includes images of some sort of unicorn-mermaid hybrid that will make any toddler’s day (and our day, too, TBH).

$49.74 AT AMAZON

TiMi Tree Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

This super cute little microphone has recording function, voice changer, 8 preloaded songs, Bluetooth streaming, colorful LED lights and batteries ARE included. Mic drop!

$28.99 AT AMAZON

KVDUKOA Karaoke Microphone for Kids

This wireless microphone and speaker in one can connect via Bluetooth but is also compatible with karaoke apps and software. Amazon Reviewer S.W. says it’s “easy to use and set up. Lovely sturdy design but not overly heavy, good amplification and daughter has been singing with it since it arrived, good for both adults and children alike.”

$21.95 AT AMAZON

Little Rock Star Karaoke Machine

For ages 3 and up, this pretty pink purse has 10 songs preloaded, AUX input (cable included) and an applause button, so your toddler can get used to having a huge fan base.


Kidzlane Karaoke Microphone for Kids

Toddlers can get in on the karaoke action with this colorful microphone. It comes with ten preloaded nursery rhymes, song book, voice changer, recording feature (up to 100 seconds), and easy Bluetooth pairing.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

If six built-in games, disco lights, voice changer, and multiple ways to stream your own playlist aren’t enough features, this karaoke machine also has audience sound effects in case your kiddo needs the extra encouragement.

$65.49 AT AMAZON

Keatalker Karaoke Bluetooth Machine for Kids

This Bluetooth karoke speaker has adjustable volume, portable design, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours. Amazon Reviewer Tabby says, “this is a great little karaoke machine. Surprisingly, it has great volume to it. I was pretty surprised that it worked as well as it does. It Bluetooths to other devices easily and is very easy to work. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a karaoke machine.”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

VATOS Karaoke Singing Box

Give the gift of song with this multifunctional machine for toddlers as young as 2 years old. It comes with 4 double-sided song cards and a non-electric screen, so your child can focus on the music. It also comes with a CD slot, voice changer, and flashy lights.

$35.99 AT AMAZON

Rabing Baby 5-in-1 Toddler Musical Instruments Toy with Microphone

For baby karaoke enthusiasts (we’re takling as young as 12 months), this 5-in-1 includes a drum and 3- key piano feature, but you can also hook up an MP3 player and sing along with the microphone. Amazon Reviewer Benjamin Trotter says, “we bought this for our friend’s little girl. It’s very interactive with all sorts of musical instruments built-in. Handles are easy for a small child to grab and manipulate while they develop motor skills. It plays music, has a microphone and a cute bear design on the front.”

$26.99 AT AMAZON


If you’re looking for gifts that are a little less loud, we’ve got you covered.

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