13 Best Kids' Soccer Cleats, Soccer-Mom Approved 2021

These Kids’ Soccer Cleats Sure Are Keepers

May 25, 2021 Updated June 17, 2021

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If your kid just started playing soccer, odds are, you’re here for kids’ soccer cleat recommendation. And we’ve got your back. So, let’s kick things off, shall we? (Pun totally intended. But really, we’ve got some Ted Lasso jokes right here too, if you want.) A good pair of soccer cleats are essential, and it’s important to not cheap out when it comes to your kid’s number one soccer must-have. Soccer cleats help kids from slipping, when running on grass or mud. Youth soccer cleats provide traction, protect their feet, and allow them to control the ball better than a regular sneaker would. With so many options out there, choosing the right shoe can be harder than playing soccer with a football. Luckily, we rounded up our favorites —  based on extensive research — and organized them for you below. (And if you’re looking for the best soccer gifts, we’ve got recs for you, too!)

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Here are the best soccer cleats for kids:

Best Kids’ Soccer Cleats

Adidas Kids' Copa 20.3 FG Soccer Cleats

Big kids want to be “cool,” while Mom just wants them to be comfortable. Rest assured, this Adidas Copa pair checks both boxes. They’re made to feel “most natural” on feet and the cushioned comfort top keeps toes safe and sound.


Joma Toledo

A popular brand from Spain, Joma soccer cleats serve their purpose for any indoor or outdoor play. The shoes are a soft rubber, so it’s easy to transition from grass to indoor turf no matter the season. The fun blue and red design channels the Superhero powers of Spiderman as your son plays out on the field.

$28.12 AT AMAZON

Adidas Goletto

With close to 700(!) Amazon reviews, these Amazon Goletto cleats promise stability and speed out on the field. Many people touted the comfort and light weight of the shoe, saying they were “perfect for warmer weather.” A few others advised to order a size up because the laces keep the feet snug.

$59.95 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Soccer Cleats

Vizari Striker FG

For the parent who prefers monochromatic styles, look no further than these black and silver Vizari Strikers. Though they do have laces, a velcro flap holds them in place so they won’t come undone during the game. Many Amazon reviewers took note of the durability of these cleats and how easy they were to clean.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Dream Pairs

These Dream Pairs soccer cleats come in many fun and bright colors. Though they’re probably not running super fast yet, you’ll never lose sight of your toddler if they’re wearing these bright babies on the field. The low price point is appealing to toddler parents especially, since they’ll probably be in the market for new cleats next season (or next month) again.

$30.99 AT AMAZON

Carter Fica

Cheers to prolonging the need for shoelaces for as long as possible! These durable cleats have a velcro closure that lets little ones put them on and take them off easily by themselves. Oh who are we kidding? It’s easier for parents to put them on and take them off for them. Cleats come in pink and purple and black and silver.

$12.81 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Turf Cleats

Lynxmco Turf Cleats

When soccer (or football!) is on a turf field, Lynxmco cleats are your best bet. The rubber soles are non-slip and suitable for either indoor or outdoor fields. BONUS: Wearing them in the house (before leaving for the game) won’t ruin your floors and wearing them on the playground (after the game is over) won’t ruin the cleats.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Adidas Turf Predator 19.3 Unisex-Child Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Turf Predator Soccer Shoe is all about having control when you move. With tons of ankle support with the featured sock collar, a tough traction grippy sole, and breathable material, your LO will glide through those turf games! Take it from one mom who reviewed the shoe saying, “My son thinks they’re comfortable, fit well and more importantly look cool.”

$38.34 AT AMAZON

Best Girls’ Soccer Cleats

Puma Spirit

This classic soccer cleat has an eye-catching design, perfect for the discerning diva in your fam. With over 1,200 ratings on Amazon, this Puma Spirit cleat is a favorite for many parents (and grandparents!). 

$30.00 AT AMAZON

Diadora Cattura

Little ladies can shine bright like a diamond out on the field thanks to these fluorescent pink and yellow cleats. Made with durable material, many reviewers found the cleats to be supremely comfortable, but noted that they run small, so order a size up.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Dream Pairs

These cuties are the quintessential favorite colors of little girls: pink and purple. And based on reviews, the cleat performance isn’t bad either [wink]. The foldover tongue helps keep laces in their place, while a durable outside texture helps give stellar ball control.

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Best Boys’ Soccer Cleats

New Balance Furon Dispatch

For the boys who aren’t too flashy in their style, these New Balance Furon are super minimalistic in their design, but make up for it with their impact on the field. These cleats are to be used solely on firm ground surfaces.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Adidas Kids X

If shoes had a volume, these would be the loudest! Adidas is always known as a great brand for athletes, and Amazon reviewers sure do agree. Many noted how comfortable they were and more importantly (for mamas), that they were able to last through until the following season.

$39.90 AT AMAZON

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Adidas Kids X
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