8 Best Toddler Step Stools So The Kids Can Help In The Kitchen And Brush Their Own Teeth

by Anna Baboval
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Best Kids Step Stool

Our kids love to help (sometimes a little too much), especially in the kitchen. With counters (and our favorite kitchen gadgets) just out of reach for little hands, it quickly becomes an insane arm workout trying to hoist our LOs up to counter level. Or better yet, when we bring the mixing bowl down to them and the family dog thinks she’s being treated to homemade meatballs it quickly spells DISASTER. Investing in a sturdy step stool for kitchen helping is one of the best purchases we’ve made this spring. The kids are safe and actually helpful, plus as an added bonus— when they help make food they’re more likely to eat it (yup that’s right spinach pesto here we come!).

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Step stools aren’t just limited to the kitchen though, we know more than a few mamas who have accumulated quite the collection around the house. LOs need to step up in the bedroom, bathroom, and playroom to reach their favorite things and definitely to brush their teeth (and wash their hands). Different stools can be great for different situations. Foldable options are great to avoid the clutter, but smaller two step stools with handles can also do the trick. After all, who can be bothered to lug those heavy things from room to room? That’s the last thing we need – one more excuse to delay going to bed because we’re looking for the stool!

With so many choices from handcrafted cutsie stools to sturdy gate like creations, it’s hard to know what to pick. We’ve found 8 great options in a variety of sizes that are both cute and secure. So go ahead mama let them brush their teeth by themselves!

Best Toddler Stools 1 Step

Best Toddler Stools 2 Step

Best Step Stools for Kitchen

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