The Best Trampolines That Will Keep Toddlers From Bouncing Off The Walls

by Karen Tietjen
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Listen up, moms: toddler trampolines can stop them from bouncing off the walls ’cause they’ll be bouncing on a springy mesh surface, instead. Impossible, you say? That’s up for debate. Unlike the limited options we had growing up, you can get a big or small trampoline for toddlers with features that fit your family’s lifestyle. (Also, Amazon.) There are indoor trampoline options perfect for your playroom, or outdoor trampoline sets that come with swings and slides. And if you have teens that could use more fresh air and less screen time (or maybe you want to blow off some steam, yourself) you can snag a larger trampoline for some spirited backyard bouncing.

Are Trampolines Safe for Toddlers?

While super fun, trampolines do pose a risk of injury for our little ones. The best way to avoid this is, of course, to keep an eye while they’re jumping, but to also purchase trampolines for toddlers that will catch and protect them if they fall. There are safety features like built-in nets and grippy handlebars for your peace of mind. (Either way, that’s much better than their new habit of jumping off of their kids loft bed, amiright?)

So if you’re ready to complete your indoor or outdoor toddler’s home gymnasium — the result of desperation during months of quarantine — stay tuned. We’ve included fan favorites like the Little Tikes toddler trampoline, Skywalker toddler trampoline, and so much more. Check out our picks for the best trampolines for toddlers! Trust us, you’ll appreciate having one this summer and they will too.

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