9 Best Kids Trundle Beds That Are High-Quality & Cute 2021

These Kids’ Trundle Beds Are Basically 2 (Sometimes 3) Beds In 1

March 30, 2021 Updated April 28, 2021

kids trundle beds

If you ever had a friend growing up who had a trundle bed, you know how much more enjoyable sleepovers were. Sure, sleeping in a sleeping bag or on a floor is fun, but a bed is so much more comfortable. With a trundle bed, that spare bed just appeared and you were able to get a peaceful night of sleep after an evening of spending time with your best friend. Why not give your own kids that same luxury? Trundle beds — which are two beds in one, with one that slides out from under the main bed — are a space-saving way to have two beds in your kids’ rooms (also see: kids loft beds).

Are trundle beds worth it?

According to certified Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Consultant, Rachel Mitchell, trundle beds are worth it! You’ve just got to know when the right time is to purchase for your child.

“When it comes to kid’s trundle beds, they can be a great investment and space saver,” Mitchell says. “You just want to make sure when you invest in a trundle bed that the child is old enough to use one. My recommendation is to wait until a child is a minimum of two years old to transition them out of their crib, and a trundle could be a good option since it is close to the floor and may even be safer than a traditional toddler bed.”


Maybe you want a trundle bed for your kids’ friends or maybe you want to put a trundle bed in your kids’ room for when family visits. Either way, a kids’ trundle bed is not a bad idea. Ahead, shop a few of the best trundle bed options on the internet, and start getting your little ones’ rooms ready for the best sleepovers ever.

Kids Trundle Bed

MERITLINE House Bed Daybed

How sweet is this MERITLINE House Bed Daybed? It’s made to look like a little house, so your child will have a very fun place to rest their head at night. You could also take it a step further and drape fabric over the top to create a roof and walls — but maybe that’s best left for sleepovers. Pull the trundle out from under the bed and you’ve got an ideal place for your kid’s best friend to sleep during a slumber party. This bed comes in three trundle options in white and gray and will make a stunning centerpiece in a little one’s bedroom.

$359.99 AT AMAZON

Harper & Bright Bunk Beds

These Harper & Bright Bunk Beds are an experience. If you need three beds, this setup will get you there. Not only is this piece of furniture bunk beds, but it also has a trundle beneath the bottom bed. Add in the gorgeous stairs up the side, and your kids may truly never want to leave their rooms. In fact, you can get these bunk beds with a full-size bed on the bottom, so if you want to get this for your own room, we truly wouldn’t judge you. It comes in a few different colors to match your home, and Amazon shoppers love how convenient the stairs are.



This IKEA Trundle Frame Set is simple, sweet, and to the point. The white bed has a detached sliding trundle underneath. Because the bed frame is so minimal, you can really jazz it up with a fun duvet set or throw pillows — or you can let your kid leave it undecorated if that’s their jam. It’s incredibly highly rated with a 4.4 rating out of 5.

$229 AT IKEA

DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

This DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle is one of the more simple options for a kids trundle bed. But what we really like about this one is that the bed comes in a couple different colors — and has more unique options than the other beds here — and it comes in bigger bed sizes. While a twin-size bed may accommodate your young child just fine, your bigger kids might be more comfortable in a full- or queen-size bed. With this bed, you have that option, all with a trundle.

$242.44 AT AMAZON

Boys Trundle Bed

Rhomtree Twin Captain’s Bed

What we love about this Rhomtree Twin Captain’s Bed is the added storage. The main bed sits up higher than a typical bed to accommodate for both the trundle and a row of drawers on the bottom. Available in white, gray, and espresso, this kids’ trundle bed makes it easier than ever to tuck away an extra bed for when you need it. It comes highly rated by Amazon shoppers, many of whom noted it’s a very sturdy bed.

$289.80 AT AMAZON

Max & Lily Bed with Trundle

There’s a lot to like about the Max & Lily Bed with Trundle. It comes in a variety of finishes and sizes, plus the trundle bed is hidden. Whereas most trundle beds are fairly visible when not in use, this bed frame tucks the trundle bed into a drawer so that the bed base just looks solid when it’s closed. For kids and parents who want to keep a more tidy room with nothing out of place, this bed is the perfect option. Many Amazon shoppers noted that the beds were fairly straightforward to assemble, though it took some time and some tools. But that sounds like a fun Saturday project to us!

$379.99 AT AMAZON

Space Saving Twin Bed

Harper & Bright Designs Twin Bed Frame with Trundle

The Harper & Bright Designs Twin Bed Frame with Trundle comes in a few different colors and designs to suit the decor in your child’s bedroom. Some of these bed frames are more substantial than others, whereas a couple of them have a much more simple bed frame — which might be exactly what you’re looking for! All of them have a trundle on wheels under the main bed that’s easy to pull out and push back when not in use. Amazon shoppers also report that this bed is very easy to put together.

$214.99 AT AMAZON

Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

For a more unique take on the trundle bed, try this Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set. It’s multifunctional as a seating area, bed, and trundle, so it pretty much just does it all. The twin-size trundle is on wheels below the bed for easy movement and can be hidden by a bed skirt. It’s well-loved by Amazon shoppers with a 4.7 rating out of 5.


Novogratz Bright Pop Daybed with Trundle

While you can get this Novogratz Bright Pop Daybed with Trundle in black or white, you can also get it in teal or yellow, and we just feel like those are much more fun colors — especially for a kids’ room. The metal bed frame is simple, allowing the bright pop of color to do all the work. And of course, it comes with a slide-out trundle bed. This is also a great budget buy at less than $200 for either teal or white. Amazon shoppers are raving about this bed, too, with one reviewer even pointing out that they were worried that the low price meant low quality — and that wasn’t the case at all. Instead, the bed is sturdy, looks more expensive than it is, and was even easy to assemble. Win, win, win.


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