These Pantry Labels Going Viral On TikTok Will Inspire You To Organize Your Entire Kitchen

by Kit Stone
label maker

If the pandemic has you wandering down the rabbit hole of DIY projects (which include revamping your kitchen space and pantry), chances are you’ve stumbled upon our new obsession — labels. Who knew putting a name tag on an object could be so fun? Ignoring the fact that we’ve finally turned into our mothers (NOT a bad thing, IMHO), this labeling phenomenon has become all the rage amongst the quarantined and more surprising, the TikTok community.

Recently, Brooklyn-based blogger Teresa Caruso posted a simple video of how she turned her junk of a spice cabinet into an organized and visually appealing piece of kitchen decor. The star of the video? Simple yet chic labels. The end result of the project caused a surge in business for Paper & Pear, a Minnesota-based Etsy that specializes in labels. Before you start searching for the best label makers, let’s talk about what you can do with ’em.

Naturally, we have to be extra AF so we’re not stopping at the pantry. We’re going all out. File folders? Toy bins? Jars? Cabinet doors? We’re slapping a sticker on that, too. If it exists, we’re going to label it because we have nothing better to do and no clear sign of when we’ll be allowed to play outside again.

Who knew social media could be so helpful? You can design the labels from your cell phone or purchase them blank for you and the kids to design your own. This list has something for everyone and everything in your home. Get ready to stick ’em on every bottle and box you own.

Here’s a list of the best label makers and labels, so far.

Time to turn your chaos into a hashtag-worthy dream.

Custom Labels

Label Makers

Pantry Door Decals

Pre-made Labels

Write-in Labels

Chalkboard Labels

Cardboard Labels

Vinyl Label Makers

Labeling Pens

After you’re done labeling, check out a few of these other home essentials we’ve spotted.