The Absolute Cutest, Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day Long

by Daisy Melamed Sanders
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most comfortable shoes for standing all day

Having the most comfortable shoes for standing all day is a necessity, especially if you’re a mom, a nurse, a restaurant employee, an avid traveler … or anyone who, you know, needs comfy shoes for any length of time. (That includes you, pregnant moms with swollen feet.) And the need is double if you’re a working mom who rarely gets a moment to kick up your feet. After all, just think of your poor feet: Not only do you definitely not get pedicures often enough (and yes, a DIY pedi counts), but they also bear the brunt of mamahood. In fact, we’d venture to guess that you spend more time on your feet than in any other position, whether you’re chasing your monsters around, doing dishes, running errands, or standing in the middle of your kitchen, mouth half agape, wondering why you walked in here in the first place. And if your profession also requires you to be on your feet all day long, then Mama, you deserve some fabulous footwear that feels great, no question about it.

But does such a magical shoe like thi exist, you wonder? It does, indeed! We’ve done some digging and found a slew of comfy shoes for any profession, occasion, or season. Mom fashion is hard to commit to when you’re keeping other humans alive, but these trend-forward pairs — which range in style from sporty athleisure to the best ballet flats ever — make combining fashion and function oh so easy. Let the shopping commence!

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