Mother's Day Gifts She'll Actually Want

by Valerie Williams
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Scary Mommy

Check out these gift ideas that the moms in your life will actually be excited about receiving

Mother’s Day will be here in just over three weeks and since we’re all quarantining and unable to shop in physical stores, there’s no better time to online-shop your heart out. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with fun gift ideas that moms will actually want. Because moms have enough dead plants and small appliances we didn’t ask for, thanks.

One Strong Mother shirt

Know a strong mom who would love to wear that title on her actual person? Then grab her this super soft pullover sweatshirt that can be worn off-the-shoulder. Style and also feels kind of like pajamas? Winning.

Scary Mommy Mug

Want to tell the whole office (… or your newly literate kindergartener) exactly who they’re dealing with? You need this Scary Mommy mug — and so do all of your badass mom friends who aren’t afraid to admit that motherhood is anything but puppy dogs and sunshine.

One Strong Mother keychain

There’s no better time to remind that busy momma that she’s strong as hell than when she’s grabbing her keys to fly out the door to yet another motherhood-related errand. This One Strong Mother keychain is handstamped and 100% thick gauge brass. Perfect for all the times those keys will be dropped, stolen by a toddler, and almost flushed down the toilet. #MomLife

Sorry I’m Late keychain

Or you can just keep things incredibly real and have that frazzled momma wear her eternal excuse on her keys. I mean, I’m 12 years into this whole parenting thing and still perpetually late, so I’m going to lean on this until my kids move out.

Put Your Swears In Here notebook

Sometimes we just need to get it all out, including the F bombs, and this Put Your Swears in Here journal is the perfect place for those thoughts. It’s not just blank pages, though. It features “clearly laid out sections for lists, gratitude, venting, and notes sprinkled with humor and uplifting messages that resonate.”

Badass Mama mug

Every mama is a badass mama. Purchase enough mugs to cover all the ones you know and love.

Things To Over-Think notebook

These 70 blank, lined sheets are just waiting for a mom to list out all the things she needs to over-think. Maybe order a dozen per mom in your life — they’ll fill up real quick.

Not the Worst Mom bracelet

The perfect jewelry for that mom who decided this morning that fruit snacks count as fruit. Not the best, but definitely far from the worst.

Mom Thank You cards

This 12-pack of greeting cards works for everyone a mom needs to thank — from teachers to mom friends to those special people we can’t do life without, these hilarious thank-yous have it covered. Now all a momma needs is a book of stamps to be on top of things. On second thought, maybe buy her those too.

You’re A Good Mom candle

We’re all out here doing our best and this You’re A Good Mom candle can serve as the zen reminder to the mommas you love that they’re not only good, they’re great. Its citrus basil scent will soothe away the day’s motherhood worries. Well, along with a glass of very deserved wine.

Makeup Case

This makeup case acknowledges the fact that most moms carry a lot more in there than cosmetics. Sure, she needs space for under-eye cream and lip gloss, but there’s going to be goldfish crackers and crayons in there too.

Mother’s Day Card

Scary Mommy

Finally, we have the perfect card to pay homage to the best momma — your own.

Happy shopping, moms!

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