33 Best Nerf Play Swords And Shields For When Your Kid Is In Their Medieval Phase

by Kyle Schurman
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Toys that mimic weaponry represent a hard choice for parents. If you’re here, you’re looking for the best Nerf swords and shields probably for this reason — it’s a good solution to the ethical dilemma. Some parents, understandably, feel that these toys promote violence and won’t allow them in the house. Other parents place a Nerf toy sword and shield set (as well as Nerf guns) in a category that’s far better than toy guns, as the kids swords and shields can spark creative stories of magic, fantasy lands, and medieval times.

If you’re leaning toward the creative storytelling angle, you still want your kids to be safe when playing with a toy sword and shield combination. Plastic swords and shields are inexpensive and plentiful, but they can break, creating sharp edges, and they hurt when the play becomes a little too rough. (And you know it will.)

To try to keep play with toy swords and shields as safe as possible, count on foam and Nerf toys to keep unintended injuries to a minimum. This type of foam, especially the Nerf brand, is durable too. So check out our list of the 33 best foam and Nerf toy swords and shields for some imaginative, fun, and — mostly — safe playtime. (Now, if you have a child who’s accident prone, we can’t guarantee that even these foam shields and swords will prevent a trip to the ER. But they’ll lower the odds.)

Best Nerf Swords

Best Toy Swords

Best Nerf Shields

Best Toy Shields

If you aren’t quite sure whether sword and shield toys, even those made of foam, are safe enough for your child, we understand. We have many more toy guides that may fit better with what you’re seeking.


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