9 Dreamy Nightgowns Because Moms Deserve A Good Night's Sleep, Too

by Michelle Sparks
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Eberjey Nightgowns for Women

If you’ve ever wished for a world where it was acceptable to wear pajamas to work every day, congratulations—you’re now living in it (albeit not really by choice, if you’re working from home due to the pandemic). And while that ratty old “Kiss Me I’m Greek” T-shirt from your sorority days in college some 20 years ago might be the comfiest thing you own, it probably—actually, definitely—isn’t the cutest. A.k.a. it’s not going to do wonders for your self-esteem (have you seen yourself in that thing in the mirror?!), your sex life (has your partner seen you in that thing in the bedroom?!) or your career (has your boss seen you in that thing on Zoom?!).

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Enter the nightgown. The grown-up nightgown, that is. Sleep dresses are becoming a big trend—and we’re very here for it. Kinda sexy, kinda chic, and a heck of a lot soft, the nightgowns of today are exactly what we want to be curled up in all night long. And there are plenty of options out there, from fancy silk nightgowns (looking at you, Eberjey) to affordable cotton nightgowns (hey, Amazon!) to pretty, feel-good nursing nightgowns. To help you drift off in style—because, as your mom always said, you never know who you’ll meet in your dreams—we’ve rounded up the best nightgowns you can buy online right now below.

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