8 Pairs Of Overalls That Are Way Cooler Than The Ones You Wore In Middle School— But Just As Comfy

by Michelle Sparks
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Overalls For Women Madewell

Things we all thought were ugly back in the day: Crocs, granny panties, and overalls. Things we all want now that they’re trending: Crocs, granny panties, and, you guessed it, overalls. (Oh 2020, we just can’t win with you.) If your feet are already clad in neon clogs and your lady bits are already covered in some high-waisted, full-coverage lace, all you need now is a pair of overalls for yourself (you’re already got the kids overalls).

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The grown-up version of the classic denim jumpsuit of your childhood is basically made for moms, after all: comfortable, cute, and simple to strap on (and keep up) when you’re rushing around. But overalls for women can also be a tricky thing. You have to hit that perfect note of chic and laidback—i.e. it’s all too easy to slip into nerdy middle schooler or farm-girl vibes. To help you pull off the overalls trend the right way, we’ve rounded up some of the best pairs you can buy, from overall shorts to classic denim overalls to even maternity overalls (and of course, an overall dress or two for you pants-haters!).

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