10 Of The Coolest Personalized Gifts For Kids

Personalized Gifts For Kids
Custom Catch Blanket & Let's Make Memories Foot Stool

Kids like to have their own stuff — that’s a fact. So when they get things with their name or picture on it, it can make them feel extra special. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest personalized gifts to get your kids we know they will love.

1.Initial Necklace


Turandoss Heart Initial Necklace, $13, Amazon

This necklace is cute as a button and is something your child will keep forever.

2.Decorative Water Bottle


Beewarm Personalized Water Bottle With Rhinestones, $19, Amazon

Your kids will have so much fun personalizing their very own water bottle. Not to mention it will be a great project for them to do over winter break.

3.Personalized Baby Blanket


Custom Catch Personalized Airplane Baby Blanket, $37, Amazon

This is the perfect gift if you have new parents on your gift list — both practical and keepsake-worthy.

4. Step Stool


Let’s Make Memories Personalized My Own Name Step Stool, $50, Amazon

Every child needs their own stool. It’s great for when they want to help parents out with cooking, or reach the bathroom sink.

5.Personalized Water Bottle


Maars Personalized Water Bottle, $23, Amazon

A great gift for kids and parents alike — hopefully it will cut down on all those lost water bottles (plus the time they spend at a germy public water fountain … eww).

6.Personalized Sketch Book


Wonderbly Personalized Search-and-Find Book, $35, Amazon

Will having their very own sketch book with their name on the front make your kids feel extra-creative? Maybe!

7. Initial Bracelet


Glimmerst Personalized Initial Bracelet, $10, Amazon

This delicate bracelet makes a great gift for your teen or tween … but also for you.

8.Personalized Pencil Case


Generic Personalized Pencil Cases, $14, Amazon

The perfect little bag for your kids to keep all their school supplies in.

9. Personalized Santa Sack


OurWarm Personalized Santa Sacks (2 Pieces), $18, Amazon

Your kids will use this sack year after year — and even after Santa stops filling it with stuff, it’ll still be filled with memories.

10. Personalized Sweatshirt


Spreadshirt Custom Hoodie, $26, Amazon

The sky is the limit with this personalized sweatshirt — your kids can make any statement they want!

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