11 Best Pet-Friendly Rugs 2021: Pet- and Kid-Friendly Rugs

The Best Pet-Friendly Rugs To Withstand Shedding, Accidents — And Toddlers

May 20, 2021 Updated June 24, 2021

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Messy pets and rugs can be a tricky combo, but these pet-friendly rugs can guard against stains of all sorts — including kid-related messes! (Pets or no, kids’ rugs are a smart buy, too, considering the food constantly dropped from their high chairs and booster seats, for one…) This issue hits close to home for me, as we live with three cats who regularly cough up hairballs and occasionally lose their lunch in various places around our house. (Thanks, guys!) We have hardwoods and tile in every room of our house except one, and turns out, there are tons of pet-friendly rugs out there, if you know where to look. These rugs can definitely make your house cleaning a little easier while reducing your stress level when one of your pets has an accident (or was it an “accident”?) on the floor.

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While some pet-friendly rugs are stain-resistant and easy to spot clean, many are — wait for it — machine washable! Depending on the size of the rug (most of the rugs below have many options), you may need to bring yours to a dry cleaner or laundromat if your machine isn’t large enough, but that’s definitely a better option than having to toss a beautiful rug that your dog or cat has ruined. Or, you know, even a decent one.

Best Pet-Friendly Rugs

Unique Loom Trellis Pet-Friendly Rug

The geometric pattern on this rug is modern but subtle — and if you’re looking for something brighter, you’re in luck: The other colorways include deep blue/ivory, light blue/ivory, yellow/ivory, and two interesting multicolored options. The rug is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and doesn’t shed. (We already deal with enough shedding from our pets, amirite?) You can spruce it up as needed by spot-cleaning with a carpet cleaning product and even using a carpet shampooer.


Fab Habitat Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Pet-Friendly Rug

This rug, which is a bestseller at Amazon, has such a bright, happy, and fun color combo — and it’s stain-resistant and easy to clean. It’s also reversible, and it’s free from flame-retardants, latex, and harmful chemicals. Since it’s designed to be indoor/outdoor, it’s UV-resistant and can even be hosed off (a pretty handy feature when you’re dealing with kids and/or pets!). In addition to indoor use, it could be a great choice for a screened-in porch, balcony, or patio. Bonus: It’s made entirely from recycled plastic! One reviewer noted, “Our dining room floor is all carpet and with four kids this is a huge issue. When we first bought this house … I decided to buy a washable rug to go underneath. This is worth every penny. So easy to clean and so pretty too.” 


Safavieh Boho Floral Pet-Friendly Rug

If you like bold and colorful decor, this floral rug could be the perfect match. There are plenty of sizes to choose from, as well as rectangular, square, and round options. Fun fact: This brand has been around for more than 100 years! The stain-resistant rug is virtually non-shedding and is easy to clean with regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner. One customer, who was very happy with her purchase, wrote, “Very bright and cheerful, soft underfoot, and a great value! … I have this rug in my dining room, and no longer worry about spills or stains, it’s great.”

$67.04 AT AMAZON

Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie Forest Black Power-Loomed Rug

If you’re already a fan of Rifle Paper Co., we have two fantastic pieces of news to share: 1) they have rugs (!), and 2) their power-loomed rugs, which are made with polyester, are surprisingly pet-friendly. The super low pile creates a smooth surface that’s easy to vacuum, and it’s designed to be especially durable and withstand heavy foot traffic. While we might not recommend investing in this gorgeous piece if you, say, have a potty training puppy or need something in the dining room that’ll repel spills, this rug is a hardworking choice for a family room, den, or bedroom. Even if you have a pet that sheds its body weight in hair, this classy rug will hold up without screaming “pet-friendly” — and check out these patterns! *Swoon.* (P.S. Want something more stain-resistant? Check out their equally stylish indoor/outdoor rugs.) They’re available in 7 different sizes.


Best Washable Pet Rugs

ReaLife Moroccan Diamond Pet-Friendly Rug

This Moroccan-inspired rug is a bestseller at Amazon and is available in several sizes. It’s machine washable, made from stain-resistant recycled materials, and has a non-slip backing. In case you’re not a huge fan of this design, two other geometric prints are available, and — at least judging by the images online — they aren’t the sort of super busy designs that make your eyes hurt. (You don’t want your pets getting dizzy and blaming you.) Here’s a promising review from a customer whose lucky cats have their own room: “I’ve wiped all manner of cat-related goo off it with a damp towel or wipe and it comes completely clean! I haven’t needed to [machine] wash it thus far due to its amazing clean-ability.” 

$54.00 AT AMAZON

HEBE Cotton Geometric Pet-Friendly Rug

This rug has a fun geometric design with a sorta boho vibe. (FYI, the product description points out that what may look like white online is not a true white, but more of a cream.) This hand-woven cotton rug is machine washable (although washing it in a mesh bag is recommended) and can be spot cleaned. I really like the look of the tassels on this rug, but if I bought this, one of our cats would probably eat them, so please buy it so that I can live vicariously through you. One reviewer noted, “I’ve gotten so many compliments on these rugs. … I’ve washed these several times and the pattern seems to be holding up great through washes.”

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Ruggable Pet-Friendly Rug

When I asked friends for their recs for pet-friendly rugs, several of them raved about Ruggable, whose ads — if you have pets — have probably been stalking you on social media. This Persian rug–inspired style is a nice deep red and subtly incorporates small animal figures within the design. Best of all, it’s non-slip, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and machine washable. (The washable rug cover easily separates from the rug pad for cleaning.) An internal water-resistant barrier stops spills from seeping through. If you want something more fun, Ruggable now has washable Star Wars and Disney collections! (Sorry, you’re out of luck if your dog is a Trekkie.)

$119.00 AT AMAZON

Mohawk Home Tropical Acres Pet-Friendly Rug

The floral/paisley design on this durable, machine washable rug would look great in a room decorated with lots of warm colors. It’s stain- and fade-resistant and available in several sizes in both area rugs and runners. (Even if it did get a stain, an intricate design like this would be great for camouflaging it!) Also available at Home Depot, to quote one HD site reviewer “CrazyKatLady” (because how can you not in a roundup of pet-friendly rugs?), “Love the rug. … Rich vibrant colors, not too thick and washable. (excuse the cat hair in the photo, lol) Great entry rug or anywhere rug at a reasonable price!! Very pleased with it.”

$89.86 AT AMAZON

KOZYFLY Buffalo Plaid Pet-Friendly Rug

Even if you aren’t a fan of plaid when it comes to clothes, this hand-woven, buffalo-check rug might be just the thing to — to quote The Dude — really tie the room together. You might not have thought of this classic pattern before in the context of rugs, but it looks really stylish in the rooms pictured online. In general, having white surfaces in your home when you have pets and/or kids can be tempting fate, but hey, this rug is machine washable! It’s safe for outdoor use, too. One mom wrote a review to say, “I have three dogs and two toddlers so being able to throw it in the wash is amazing! It looks like a ‘proper’ living room rug but feels sturdy enough to stand up to my crazy house.”

$118.99 AT AMAZON

Pappelina Mono Pet-Friendly Reversible Rug

One pricier but definitely impressive option is this machine washable, hand-loomed rug from Swedish brand Pappelina. It’s the perfect choice if you want something simple and classic. The rug is water- and UV-resistant, can be used both indoors and outdoors, is reversible, and doesn’t shed. Depending on the size you choose (there are three available), you have up to seven color choices, including subdued neutrals and bright colors such as red and mustard yellow. (I feel like the “dark mud” shade was not named to imply that the color hides dirt, but hey, no one’s stopping you from using it that way!) 


OhGeni Pet-Friendly Faux Fur Rug

Sometimes you just want a thick, fluffy rug — perhaps for a nursery or playroom. This one, which is machine washable, is very soft and cozy while avoiding the ’70s shag carpeting look. (Speaking of fluffy, the kitten in the product photos is seriously adorable.) The rug is available in four sizes and several colors, including bright turquoise, pale pink, and a mottled black/gray. More than one reviewer vouched for its ability to withstand the realities of life with pets, including this person: “My kids really like it. I had to wash it right away due to an animal incident. It came out of the wash just as nice. … Super soft, does not seem to shed everywhere.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

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