8 Best, Comfiest Maternity Leggings Because Pregnant Moms Deserve A Little Give

by Ana Connery
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If you’re pregnant, finding the best pair of maternity leggings is very important. (So is finding a great maternity swimsuit.) This most basic of sportswear has become a closet must-have, especially during pregnancy. That’s because never do leggings become more of a staple in your wardrobe than when your belly is stretching by the day and it’s all you can do to pull on a pair of sort-of-but-not-quite pants. Knowing this, we took on the challenge of finding the best maternity leggings. Everybody and their mother makes what they consider to be the best maternity leggings these days, but alas, we came through as victorious as a nine-months-pregnant woman who manages to successfully tie her shoes without assistance.

So whether you’re lounging around the house with your favorite pregnancy pillow and a pair of fuzzy slippers or you’re looking for a pair of leggings to wear underneath a maternity gown, behold eight of the best maternity leggings on the market. May you pull them, stretch them, and kick up your feet in them, mamas. As far as we’re concerned, you deserve anything comfy what with all that growing a human you’re doing. (PS-You keep wearing these leggings for as long as you want after BB is born. Getting back to “regular” clothes is not a requirement.)

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