Best Mom-Approved Monthly Beauty Subscription Boxes Of 2020

8 Best Beauty & Grooming Subscription Boxes For Women (And Men) To Snag On Amazon Prime


From cashing in coupons (either the old-fashioned way or via a free browser extension like Honey) to utilizing Target’s clearance end caps like a boss, you know how to get the most bang for your buck. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for beauty products that cost $$$.

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you’re not already an Amazon Prime member then you best be signing up. (The perks go beyond free 2-day shipping.) If you love monthly beauty subscription boxes like Birchbox and IPSY, then you won’t be able to resist the promo that Amazon Prime is currently running— up to 45% savings on your first box. On top of those savings, each box contains either full or travel-size products that would normally cost a lot more. Whatever you do, get going— this deal will only be valid for a limited time. These boxes offer a great way to discover and try new products, and also give you the monthly *gift* you deserve for being the parent that you are.

Scroll through for the best subscription boxes in women’s beauty and skincare (everything from sheet masks to nail art stickers), as well as men’s grooming (hello Father’s Day!). BTW, no shame whatsoever if you decide to scoop up more than one!

FaceTory - Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box: 7 Lux

“A sheet mask a day keeps the worries away…” Isn’t that how the saying goes? Just keep glowing with a subscription box from FaceTory. You deserve a freaking break, mama—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And what better way to unwind than with your favorite K-Beauty sheet mask and maybe a glass of vino? Each subscription box contains 7 luxe high-quality sheet masks that work on a variety of skin types by boosting skin’s hydration levels. You know the drill: Leave ’em on for 15-20 minutes and voilà—an at-home spa-like treatment just like that

Raves a fellow sheet mask lover, “I came across this amazing subscription service when I was looking for Korean beauty products, and I’m in love. Two weeks after my first box, my skin has COMPLETELY changed. It’s now been two months, and I seriously haven’t even had one pimple. Not ONE. Every single product was completely perfect for my skin and so easy to use. The variety is so incredible, I can even switch it up depending on my ambition level in the moment. Amazing. I will never stop using FaceTory and I will never stop recommending it!”


Allure Beauty Subscription Box

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s the Allure Beauty Subscription Box. 😉 Equipped with all the editor-tested (and approved) makeup and beauty picks you’ve been jonesing to try out, this box is yours for only $15 (estimated value is $70+). Don’t sleep on it, ladies! In each box, you’ll find at least two full-size products so if you end up loving it, you’ll be good to go until you run out. The June box contains a Starskin Sheet Mask and a Purlisse Watermelon + Purifying Cleanser, among other holy grail products that we know you’re gonna love. 

With 1,200 ratings and counting, the customer reviews say it all. Says one beauty babe, “Every single time I get the box it makes my day! I think the idea is so much fun and there is no way you’d get all of these products for $15. Every month I get several full-size products along with large trial sizes. It has to be worth at least $100 every time. I canceled it one month when I was trying to cut back on bills and ended up restarting it because it just makes me too happy.”


Medusa's Makeup - Cruelty-Free And Vegan Beauty Subscription Box

You can officially say goodbye to icky chemicals that do more harm than good and hello to a beauty brand that actually lives up to its mission. Medusa’s Makeup strives to create high-quality and inspirational cruelty-free and vegan beauty products for—dare we say—the #EveryMom. There’s something to be said about knowing EXACTLY what you’re putting on your face in the morning and not having to worry about breakouts the next day.

Now that you know more about the brand, let’s take a peek at the box. Each themed subscription contains 3-4 full-sized products to give you the most bang for your buck. This mom weighs in, “Just got our first box (I’m sharing with my daughter) and we were really excited about everything included in the box. We haven’t used the products just yet, but are looking forward to doing so. She snagged the pretty glitter liquid eyeshadow and I am going to try out the matte liquid lipstick. There was also a cucumber facemask and witch hazel hibiscus facial spray toner. We may need to start getting a separate box for each us so that I can keep all of the products lol.”


Lip Monthly - Beauty and Makeup Subscription Box

Lip junkies unite! It’s time to pucker up with Lip Monthly, a beauty and makeup subscription box that definitely needs to be on your radar. Besides the super cute pouch, you’ll receive 4-5 full-size lip products each month. It’s an awesome way to discover new brands and products… whether you’re the no-makeup makeup mom who swears by a no-fuss balm or prefer a creamy, pigmented lip crayon, there’s truly something for everyone. The retail value of every bag is over $50 so we’ll let you do the math. If you’re the type who can never commit to one lipstick or gloss, then you’ll have a blast changing up your lippy every day of the week.

One Amazon customer says that they loved everything! “I got a super pretty classic red lipstick that stuck with me all night, a lip pencil that doubles as a blush that makes really clean lines, and a cute gloss that was super slick and shiny. I’m more of a matte person myself, but the lipstick and the gloss were actually both something I would wear again!”


COCOTIQUE - Full Size & Deluxe Travel Size Beauty Products Subscription Box

This one goes out to all our mamas looking to find the *perfect* product, whether it be a body scrub or deep-conditioning hair treatment. With each COCOTIQUE Beauty Box, you’ll receive 5-8 full-size and deluxe travel-size beauty products ranging from self-care products to hair care to skincare, and beyond. Dana Hill, the founder of COCOTIQUE, created the subscription box as an affordable way for women of color to pamper themselves and feel confident from the inside out. Cue the excitement.

This customer’s five-star review says it all. “When it said it was for women of color, I figured that I would give it a chance. I just received the box today and was amazed about all the stuff I had received! The Dove products I was thinking about buying, but they saved me a trip! Thank you so much! The watermelon bubble bath smelled wonderful! The Brazilian Bare shave syrup, exfoliating bath gloves (my go to is a loofa), and the Green Goo deodorant I haven’t heard of the brands, but very excited to try out! And it came with a bag with “We’re All In This Together,” such a wonderful positive message. I am definitely can’t wait for the next box!!! Thank you for a wonderful box/bag!!!!!”


Fearless Nail Art Subscription Box

Nailed it! Sure, you could book it to your nearest nail salon and ask for a poppin’ summer mani (or pedi) but where’s the fun in that? With so many playful nail trends to test-drive—from daisies to negative space designs—all it takes is a little practice and some patience to pull off your next #athomemani. Filled to the brim with nail stickers and decals, the Fearless Nail Art Subscription Box is yet another way to dress up your digits in style. Think: minimal effort, amazing salon-worthy results. Did we mention that the initial price for your box is just $17? Each monthly box contains one stamping plate, plus glitter, rhinestones, and various nail art tools. Additionally, your first box will include a free stamper/scraper set for you to experiment with. For best results, we recommend sealing your nail stickers with a top coat so they last longer than your kids nap-time.


DAYSPA Body Basics - All Natural Shave & Grooming Subscription Box

If you thought that subscription boxes for men were lame, well, think again. Whether you gift it for Father’s Day, an upcoming birthday, or “just because,” the DAYSPA Body Basics: All-Natural Shave & Grooming Subscription Box is guaranteed to impress the mountain man in your life… ‘cuz he deserves a little self-pampering, too. While women get hyped up about a new tube of voluminous mascara, it’s all about shaving cream and after shave tonic for men, especially when said products are made from all-natural plant-derived ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation or redness (s/o to those with sensitive skin). Simply put: “The best shaving box I have come across!! Fast shipping and a great price! The products work great and the fragrances of the shaving supplies smell very good!” Besides shaving cream, your box may also contain a naturally better shampoo bar or deodorant.


Beauteque Monthly Korean Skincare Subscription Beauty Box

Is there such a thing as too much Korean skincare? The limit does not exist. Beyond sheet masks, the Beauteque Monthly Subscription Box contains 6 full-sized K-Beauty items (skincare, makeup, body and hair care, just to name a few) to pique your interest. While the products you receive are a total surprise, the sample box shows a Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk, a mermaid makeup brush, and a fruit-soothing watermelon gel (sounds and looks refreshing!). Go ahead and count us in, please. All products are sourced from Korea and Taiwan, and there’s a different theme each month. 

Says one hyper enthusiastic reviewer, “I love the first box I received! I love that it was themed and had a wide variety of products. It also comes with a paper explaining each one, which was great. I like every product I received. The face wash is definitely a new favorite for me… I would definitely recommend this to friends. I subscribe to a few different beauty boxes and this box put one of the big brand boxes I receive to shame! This box was WAY better! This box also contained a product from one of my favorite brands, which was nice to see since I already knew their products were great quality so I loved receiving something new from them that I hadn’t tried yet.”


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