15 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Couples 2021 – Date Night Boxes

Switch Up Date Night With One of The Best Subscription Boxes for Couples

June 16, 2020 Updated September 7, 2021

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You’re probably well aware that there are subscription boxes for everything these days, but did you know there were subscription boxes for couples too? Whether you’re looking to spice things up on date night or you’re just a couple that loves to do fun stuff together, there is definitely a date night subscription box out there for the two of you.

In retrospect, subscription boxes are actually cheaper in the long run too. Rather than buying a bottle of wine and a meal at a restaurant (which could easily go over $100), you can sign up for a wine subscription and a monthly meal kit that will give you at least four bottles of wine and three different meals for the same price or less. And in the comfort of your own home? That sounds like the perfect evening to me. If you’d rather take a break from the kiddos (understandable) you can always deck out the backyard or the dining table and tell the little ones to shoo for a few hours (a.k.a. distract them with movies and toys).

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Another great thing about subscription boxes for couples is that the…err…”sexier” boxes can be given as gifts too. (Note that there is one NSFW box on this list! But we’ve added it at the very bottom for a little discretion.) If you’re looking to spice things up, an adult subscription box could be a great surprise for your partner too.

Scroll through for the best subscription boxes for couples (everything from cocktail making kits to lingerie), as well as insanely fun adventure and game boxes too. BTW, no shame in subscribing to more than one! 

Editor’s Note: The prices listed are per box.

Best Subscription Boxes for Couples


I’d LOVE a good home-cooked Italian meal every month! The EatTiamo subscription box gives you everything you need to make yummy Italian meals such as pesto pasta, mushroom spread, tomato sauce, and pizza of course. To keep you on your toes, each month you’ll receive authentic Italian ingredients from a different Italian region. Portions are also enough for 4, so it’s the perfect activity for a double date!


Crated with Love

Designed by marriage and family therapists, Crated with Love is a subscription box for couples that is full of fun games and challenges to play — each month with a different theme too! According to the description, each box is designed to “inspire laughter and build communication.” I call that a successful date night for sure. Take it from this super happy subscriber who said, “My fiancée and I had so much fun with these boxes! Having 2 kids, plus with the pandemic, it’s hard finding the time to go out on a date. This box was just what we needed! After putting the kiddos to bed, we played our “Greek night” themed box and we had WAY MORE FUN then if we had gone out. These boxes are jam packed with fun activities that not only get you both laughing, but it creates an even deeper bond. I just subscribed for yet another 3 months!”


Shaker & Spoon

Specialty cocktails every month? Um — yes please! This subscription box was awarded the Best of 2020 title for a reason. Each month you’ll receive 3 unique recipes straight from top bartenders around the country. You’ll also get everything you need to make it (other than the liquor, of course). Syrups, bitters, garnishes, and more are included. How cool is that? It makes for a fun date night activity, house warming gift, etc.


Bean Box Coffee and Chocolate Gift Box

Name your top two favorite things in 3…2…coffee and chocolate! Yes, thanks to Bean Box your favs are finally in a gift box together! It’s a great idea for a yummy tasting and pairing session with your partner. And an even better idea when you two only have time for a morning or lunch date. While you’ve also got the choice of the Deluxe 16-piece box, this 8-piece set comes with 4 handpicked gourmet coffees, four chocolate bars, tasting notes, and roaster profiles. Sounds kinda fancy, right? You also have the choice of grounded or whole bean coffee. “Freshest Coffee! So good!” said one Amazon reviewer. “I just received this and have tried a few coffees and chocolate pairings. It’s so tasty and fresh! It smells amazing.”

$38.00 AT AMAZON


Farm fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep once a month? Sign me up. Delivery date, bouquet size, and recipient for each order can be customized, which is a great way to send your partner flowers each month.


The Adults & Crafts Crate

For the creative couple (or the couple that needs to get more creative) The Adults & Crafts Crate is a great option. Each month you’ll get the opportunity to create thing like wine caddies and candles, paint cheese boards, design cool clocks, and SO much more. They’ll send you all the tools and materials you need to complete the project too. One reviewer said, “Adults and Crafts is great – it comes with everything you need to complete a project. The tools that come in the box are high-quality and can be used on other things once the project is complete.”


Best of Mouth

If there’s one subscription box really worth checking out, it’s one that’s all about snacks. Mouth takes you on a snack journey each month, with world renowned favorites in  pickles, cocktails, jerky, snacks from different regions, and noshable snacks.



For the couples that love to try new foods together (or for those that just love to snack)– we’ve found your new favorite subscription box. Each box contains a curated selection of 20 to 24 snacks, candies, and teas from Japanese makers whose businesses you’ll help support. Get a single box on the monthly subscription plan for $49.95!

$49.95 AT BOKKSU

Raising the Bar (Non-Alcoholic Cocktails)

With the Raising the Bar subscription box, you’ll receive curated ingredients to make delicious mocktails  right at home. Each month you’ll receive 4-8 products including things like bitters, sparking soda, garnishes, and more.

One happy customer said, “The product itself is wonderful. Not only are the drinks creative and seasonally appropriate, the extras that they give (napkins, straws etc) make their way to my drink counter even long after the actual drink ingredients are gone. The box contains enough ingredient for 4 servings, but I usually find that you can buy the soda water in an artisanal store and make more servings afterwards, because the bitters / syrups / extracts that they give are enough for far more than 4 servings.”


Best Date Night Subscription Boxes


Winc is the ideal subscription for wine lovers, because wine. Each order is personalized based on your tastes. The company offers a huge selection of wines and three or more bottles are sent each month with no commitment. Wine time is all the time.


Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club

You’re both already super into building charcuterie boards, why not make it a monthly membership? Harry & David’s Fruit and Cheese Club gives you expertly paired combinations every month. And the best part? You can see what’s coming to plan ahead or skip a month!

$129.99 AT HARRY & DAVID

Best Adventure Subscription Boxes

The Adventure Box

We’ve got to admit, the couples edition of the famous Adventure Box is pretty freakin’ fun. Each monthly box is specially curated with fun, out-of-the-box activities, along with all the supplies you’ll need to complete them. Past boxes have included cool activities like making pottery and engraving notebooks. The most exciting part is that you wont know what you get until you open your box and scratch off the challenge!

Tons of reviewers rave about the quality of products included. One in particular said, “We just did our first box and it was so much fun! The quality on everything is top notch and totally worth it. So far, it brought us a lot of smiles, extra love and we can’t wait for more dates now.”


First Box Only $19

Date Night In Subscription Box

A new month means a brand new theme with Date Night In Box! Awesome themes like ‘Vegas Night’ (pictured), ‘Murder Mystery Game Night’, ‘Summer Camp’,  Wine Tasting (with score cards and everything), and ‘A Night In Paris’ (where you write love letters and learn each others love languages — how cute!). Each box contains multiple activities for the most fun night! This box totally takes away the dread of planning date night, a task we’ll gladly let go off.


Best Adult Subscription Boxes (NSFW)

Mystery Pleasure Box

The Mystery Pleasure Box basically ensures fun for any couple. With couple (and solo) options like girl/boy, girl/girl, boy/boy, and solo for each, it can work for any couple. With the Mystery Pleasure Box, you’ll get 40% off retail prices, limited edition toys, and guaranteed no repeats!

One pleased customer raved, “The packaging was so classy and had such a wide array of toys, creams and pleasure enhancers [inside]. My husband and I have used everything in the box already (there were a couple things I never knew existed! And LOVED THEM!!!). There were full sized items not just trial size. I cannot say enough how amazing this box is.”


Elite by Adore Me

With Elite by Adore Me, you get to choose everything! Pick your favorite styles, your correct fit, and you can even return things that don’t work. Each box includes 3-5 matching sets (top and bottoms) ranging from lingerie, PJs, and swimwear  (yep, all in one box) — or just a bunch of one thing, it’s your choice! Bra sizes run from 30A to 46DDD and clothing from XS to 4X.

Note that you’re only charged for the things you keep! Items in each box range from $39.95-$59.95, with an additional styling fee.

$59.95 AT ADORE ME

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First Box Only $19

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