14 Mermaid Must-Haves— Because Kids Love Mermaids As Much As Unicorns & Princesses

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Mermaid Barbie Doll

True or false— you could do karaoke right now and recite all the lyrics to every song from The Little Mermaid? If your answer is true, then chances are that you love mermaids just as much as we do. And if that’s true, then so do your kids. It’s like princesses and unicorns— they can never get enough.

What is it about mermaids that have us all obsessed with mythical creatures? Could it be their ethereal beauty, their ability to freely swim all around the world, or their sweet, melodic voices (yes, if you’re Ursula). When summer turns up the heat, our inner mermaids start to leap out in search of the nearest beach (or water) to dip our fins. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days under the sea?

To be honest, it’s still hard to grasp why Ariel wanted to be human so badly. Then, we glance at Prince Eric and things become more clear. After watching The Little Mermaid for the umpteenth time, we weren’t proud to be humans. We’d wrap a blanket around our legs and pretend to be mermaids, and generations later, our kids are doing the same (in fleece mermaid blankets no less).

Thanks to Disney+, we can revisit our favorite mermaids in their classic animated form. When those films run their course and your aquatic youngster starts to believe they are actually mermaids, they’ll be asking for toys, books, and costumes to fuel their imagination. The more life-like, sparkly or rainbow colored the better.

So, take a deep dive into this list of the best mermaid must-haves that’ll make any sea-loving kid happy. And PS-Mermaids Are Real! (see below).

Now that you’ve found your favorite mermaid item, check out other fun kids gear. Yes, there are princesses and unicorns, too.


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