13 Best Toddler Bed Rails & Bumpers To Keep Your Kiddo Safe (And Contained)

by Katie Bond
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best toddler bed rails

We all remember it: That fateful morning when your toddler busted out of the crib and tumbled to the ground feeling bruised yet ecstatic over a newfound sense of freedom. When your not-so-tiny baby is transitioning to a big kid bed, it can be a little scary for both of you. With this independence comes plenty of potential owies and hazards, not to mention those annoying eye-poking wakeup calls. Kids can be extremely mobile sleepers, especially if they just learned how to climb out of the crib. All of that energy from the day for some reason follows them in their dreams and before you know it they’re rolling right out of bed with a thump. One solution to help ensure your kid’s safety (and your peace of mind?)— bed rails and safety bed bumpers, which keep your kiddo snug in bed.

So to help Baby (and Mama) transition smoothly, these bedtime guard rails are where it’s at. Whether you need full-length rails that guarantee there’s no accidental getting out, or something smaller that allows freedom for older children without middle-of-the-night falls, we’ve rounded up the best toddler bed rails and bed bumpers that will keep baby safe and semi-contained. You’ll find convenient fold-down rails, cushy foam options, and even inflatable ones that will make toddler travel a breeze… kind of.

Best Foam Bed Bumpers

Best Portable Bed Bumper

Best Bed Rail & Bumper For Nursery Decor

Best Single-Sided Hideaway Bed Rails

Best Double-Sided Hideaway Bed Rails

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