These Toddler Rain Jackets Are So Cute, You Won't Mind When Your Tot Goes Puddle Splashin'

by Karen Tietjen
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A toddler rain jacket is a baby gear essential, and we speak from experience. Once the snow is melted, you can put the kids’ winter boots and puffer coats away … but that’s when the weather gets wet. And while spring showers bring May flowers, they also bring puddles, mud, and the temptation for little ones to splash about and then tell funny jokes about how dirty they are. So instead of keeping your LO inside (and in preparation of those sudden seasonal downpours), equip them with a waterproof coat that’ll keep them dry. Even better, teeny-tiny slickers for little girls and boys are so freakin’ cute, you may actually wish for some drizzle. Of course, you can’t forget to accessorize with an adorable kids umbrella and matching rain boots to complete the picture-perfect ensemble — er, we mean, keep your babe protected from head to toe.

Whether you’re looking for cute raincoats for toddlers to keep the drops off your tot, or a waterproof kids coat to shield your older child at the bus stop (we have those too), check out our favorite slickers for any puddle jumper. From big brands like Carter’s, Columbia, and Patagonia to super-affordable picks, because — let’s face it — they’ll outgrow them by next year, we’ve rounded up the best rain jackets (specifically toddler raincoats) to keep your kiddo dry in wet and unpredictable weather.

Gender Neutral Toddler Rain Jackets

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