The Best Toddler Tricycles Parents Can't Stop Raving About

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best toddler tricycles
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You can never go wrong with a toddler tricycle, whether it’s for a birthday, or the holidays. One of the best gifts that my dad gave his two granddaughters — aside from his wisdom and general loving presence — was a red tricycle. It was a classic Radio Flyer that both girls always looked forward to using when they went to visit. Sure, neither of them used the pedals in his presence. But, they had fun with it. And, it’s become something that I hope to hold onto long after my daughter grows out of it. After all, a toddler trike is a very special purchase. Looking at it is just a reminder of childhood. Having a baby tricycle around will one day make every mom think, “my child used to fit in that?”

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While Radio Flyers still exist, there are plenty of other toddler tricycles out there to choose from. Toddler tricycles make for great gifts, since they don’t take up too much room and will be a guaranteed hit. But, they’re also great for a toddler’s development. Tricycles can help a toddler learn more about balance and coordination while riding on one. They’re also a great form of exercise.

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Toddler tricycles are also relatively safe. Sure, you’ll want to pair yours with a helmet, especially for outside use. But your child will be a lot closer to the ground in case there’s a tumble. (And, there might be. But by now, you’re probably used to seeing toddler falls, and know they can bounce back pretty easily.)

Here are 11 of the best toddler tricycles you can buy online:

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