Quit Stallin' And Buy Your Kid One Of These Toy Car Garages

by Keri Pina
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toy car garages

You might ask yourself what kind of kid wants to play with a toy parking garage, and I get it! Real parking garages are either super hot or freezing cold, reek of fumes, and always include pay stations that are incapable of reading debit cards. Aside from these icky garage “fun facts“, kids still go gaga over car garage toys. Any child you know probably has a shitload of toy cars in their playroom, especially since there are so many toy car options, from race cars to remote control cars to even push cars for toddlers. (And I just learned that car wash toys are a thing, too.) So whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re probably in the market for a toy garage. Some kids see their car toys as little characters who need a place to call home, so a kids car garage is a little headquarters for their favorite toys to kickstart some new adventures.

Everyone knows it hurts like hell to step on a LEGO brick, but no one talks about how stepping square on a toy car can take your foot right out from under you. The nice thing about car toy garages is that they offer a natural place for kids to store their car toys. You can literally turn cleanup into a game, so the kids are more motivated to put their cars away and you’re less likely to twist an ankle.

There are so many options for toy garages – from good old-fashioned service stations to multi-level parking lots with all the bells and whistles. So here are the best car garage toys so your mini auto-enthusiast can kick their imagination into high gear.

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