14 Weird And Fun Beauty Products You Have To Try

by Amanda Davis
Originally Published: 
Neutrogena / Amazon

Before the time of COVID-19, there were times when I would spend hours in Sephora browsing the aisles, trying on weird makeup, testing odd-looking tools, and generally wasting boatloads of money on frivolous beauty products. Testing out lip masks, boob scrubs, or other weird beauty products can be insanely fun and experimental. Although when you don’t know where to look, finding the latest and up-and-coming strange products of the beauty industry can be a job in itself.

Since most of us don’t leave the house much these days (especially to go make up or beauty shopping), online shopping is our go-to. From Sephora and Ulta to Amazon Prime — we’ve rounded up the strangest, and most fun things we’re trying in 2021. Spice up your self-care routine with these 15 beauty tools and products!


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