Netflix Releases Old-School Episodes Of 'Supermarket Sweep'

by Valerie Williams
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Netflix Releases Old-School Episodes Of 'Supermarket Sweep'

Netflix has blessed us with 15 1990s episodes of “Supermarket Sweep”

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend life as we know it, it’s natural to gravitate toward things that bring us comfort. Maybe it’s certain foods or music that help restore that feeling of calm and predictability so sorely missing in our current day-to-day existence. Or maybe it’s classic TV shows from a simpler time — like the 1990s game show juggernaut Supermarket Sweep.

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Netflix heard America’s inner pleas for something to sooth our troubled souls and released 15 glorious episodes of the 1990s version of the classic game show (the original ran for a few years in the 1960s) to their platform. Are you already mentally calculating how many pricey hams and giant cheese wheels you can fit in one shopping cart? SAME.

Netflix shared the happy news on Twitter. “I don’t know who needs to hear this but 15 episodes of the iconic Supermarket Sweep are now on Netflix in The US,” they shared.

Uhhh I needed to hear it. And I’m guessing millions of my elder millennial peers who have fond memories of staying home sick from school or taking a break from playing outside on hot summer days to watch grown adults with shopping carts run around like lunatics in order to win big money were also in need of this wonderful news.

I mean, who among us hasn’t fantasized about having the opportunity to toss turkeys and hams in the cart like there’s no tomorrow? We need this bizarrely mesmerizing show back in our lives like never before.

In case it’s been so long that you forgot the premise, here’s a little synopsis: players in teams of two answer trivia questions and a right answer means more time added to the clock for their eventual SWEEP, where they run through the grocery store in an effort to collect items that will add up to the highest priced cart-full in the end. Whoever spent the most wins, and insert here joke from my husband that if given the chance, I will always have the cart that costs the most. LEMME PLAY.

You might remember that there was a revival in the works hosted by the legendary (and hilarious) Leslie Jones. A spokesperson for ABC Disney told TODAY that the reboot was part of their 2020-2021 primetime lineup, but they have yet to announce a premiere date. There’s no word on whether the coronavirus pandemic has halted production or impacted the filming schedule.

But whenever it’s ready, we are extremely here for it. In these bizarre and anxious times, a show like this is basically chicken soup for the soul. Bless Netflix.

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