Tess Holliday Respects Older Son's Wishes To Not Share Pics Of Him

by Julie Scagell

Model Tess Holliday shared adorable pics and videos of her Easter along with a message about respecting her older child’s privacy

Author, model, and activist Tess Holliday shared some adorable pics of her Easter weekend along with a message about respecting her older son’s privacy as a public figure.

“Happy Easter from me the the littlest,” the mom-of-two shared on Instagram. “My oldest isn’t into being on social media & just a reminder for those who ask: I choose to respect his boundaries because I respect him.”


Holliday is respecting her son’s wish not to be on social media.

Holliday is mom to 15-year-old son Rylee and four-year-old son Bowie. Anyone with a teenager can sympathize with her (and with her son) that they become more private and don’t need/want to share as much with others, especially since his mom is an outspoken activist about all things body-positivity, mental health, and general well-being.

“As he gets older, I am teaching him that he deserves respect and that he needs to treat others the way he is treated,” she continued. “Wishing new beginnings and rebirth for all of us.”


Holliday spent part of the pandemic away from her older son and although she still saw him a few times a week outside, she explained the feelings of mom guilt never really go away. “I’ve never been away from him,” she told SELF last year. “His dad takes the best care of him, but it’s been really hard to be away from one of my kids during a pandemic, especially in the beginning. That has been challenging in different ways because I feel a lot of guilt for not being there, but then I realize that as a mom you can’t protect your kids from everything, as far as the feelings that they’re feeling.”

She also admitted during that interview that both she and Rylee suffer from anxiety. “He and I both have anxiety disorders. Being a parent is so overwhelming, and it’s literal 24/7 guilt and anxiety and you’re just constantly feeling like you’re not doing enough, or you’re doing everything wrong, especially during all of this,” she said. “I’m very transparent and open about that. I feel like as parents we always try to make everything look perfect to shield our kids from knowing that everything isn’t perfect.”


That includes being open and honest on social media, something Holliday has always prided herself on. If that means not sharing every aspect of her son’s life with the public, so be it. That’s her taking care of everyone’s needs and putting his happiness first.

As parents on social media, it can be a delicate balance of what to share and what not to. Good for her for striking a balance that works for her family.