'The Nanny' Is FINALLY Available To Stream, And We're Verklempt

by Cassandra Stone
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Raise your hand if you’ve been dying for a streaming platform to have ‘The Nanny’ for years and years and years

Fran Fine is making her way from Flushing, Queens, all the way to HBO Max and that sound you hear is every thirtysomething millennial squealing in delight. That’s right, Miss Fine, Mr. Sheffield, Niles the butler, Cece Babcock, Sylvia, Yeta, and the three Sheffield kids will all be ready for binge-watching beginning April 1.

In case you need a refresher (how DARE), The Nanny ran from 1993-1999. Fran Drescher was the fashion-loving bridal salesgirl-turned-accidental-nanny who showed up at the fancy-shmancy Sheffield residence to offer her wisdom, humor, and yes — that laugh — to the recently motherless Sheffield kids. The slow-burn romance between the nanny and the boss was a delight to root for (and hilarious to boot). Niles, Mr. Sheffield’s business partner Cece, Fran’s mom Sylvia, and Brighton, Maggie, and Gracie made the all-star cast an absolute joy to watch.

Queen Fran Drescher herself announced the news on Instagram yesterday, and honestly, can we all just take a moment to recognize how positively luminous she is?

“We coming to HBOMAX WooHoo!!! 4/1/21 GO!” she captioned the video.

Back in April 2020, Drescher told E! News that she thinks Fran and Max—who wed in the end after seasons of teasing—would definitely still be together today, and Fran would either be working in fashion or government. As only Fran Fine Sheffield could do.

“I think Fran would have gotten involved in a fashion blog on how to look like a million bucks on a shoestring budget,” she said. “Or maybe she might’ve gotten involved in local politics. She always did have a voice for the underdog, for the union workers.”

Oh, and in case one big piece of The Nanny news isn’t enough to sustain you (the limit does not exist), Drescher is currently working on turning the show into a Broadway musical with help from ex-husband and show co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator Rachel Bloom. Ummm…YES PLEASE? Broadway cannot re-open soon enough, and what a wonderful way to welcome audiences back to the theater.

It’s made even better because, as only real ones would know, Mr. Sheffield is a big-time Broadway producer (suck it, Andrew Lloyd Weber).

“Peter came up with the brilliant idea that Fran and Max moved back to New York because he missed Broadway and, for lack of a better idea, Fran says, ‘Why don’t you do a show about us?'” Drescher told E! News. “And then the whole first season would be about him producing the show that’s actually on a Broadway.”

Honestly, the show is such a wonderful, warm, nostalgic band-aid over one craptastic year. We need this. A Broadway show will be a fabulous thing to look forward to, but for now, we’re all just tickled about streaming the OG show.

As the theme song suggests, “Who would have guessed that the girl we described was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?”

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