The Rock 'Negotiates' Bedtime With His Daughter By Singing 'You're Welcome'

by Valerie Williams
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The Rock 'Negotiates' Bedtime With His Daughter By Singing 'You're Welcome'
The Rock/Instagram

The Rock is every parent singing the same song 1,000 times to get their toddler to go to bed

Quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a major parenting equalizer as celebrities are stuck indoors with their kiddos just like the rest of us. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is feeling the monotony as the weeks drag on, and proves he’s every parent of a little one who has to sing the same song over and over to get their kid to sleep. The big difference? He’s actually the real-life singer of the song his daughter is requesting to hear non-stop.

“And for the 1,927th time I will sing ‘You’re Welcome’ to baby Tia as part of our nightly daddy/daughter negation to go to bed! It. Never. Ends. 🎶💤😩😂,” he writes. “But truth is, spending all this time at home with my ladies has been a real silver lining blessing in this craziness we’re all experiencing.”

For anyone wondering if this darling baby has caught on yet to the fact that Maui is literally her dad, fear not — the tot is still adorably clueless. “And for the record, she still has no idea that her daddy is actually, ‘Maui’ from Moana,” he writes.

The Rock has long been one of our very favorite celeb dads of daughters, and his patience for their requests and delight in their girly preferences is honestly too cute. He’s happily allowed 4-year-old Jazzy to paint his nails even though it made him late for work and his girl-power posts encouraging his daughters to reach for the stars are downright motivating.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Johnson has shown the world how much baby Tia loves hearing her dad sing Maui’s most famous tune. As it turns out, it’s the perfect song to get kiddos to wash their hands for the healthiest amount of time. A tidbit parents everywhere are thrilled to have learned.

Basically, we’re always here for The Rock melting at his little girls and their every request — even if it means he’s never allowed to stop singing “You’re Welcome.”

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