People Are Tweeting The Weird Decor At Their Parents' Houses This Thanksgiving

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/@jenndangerous

Twitter did not disappoint in sharing the weird crap our parents hold onto

Going home for Thanksgiving for many people means returning to your childhood home. Parents can be sentimental and therefore unwilling to update their decor or part with the beloved knicknacks and tchotchkes of yesteryear.

One Twitter user requested all of her followers send her photos of all the weird shit found at your parents’ house this Thanksgiving, and the results are not only Extremely Relatable Content, but also comedy gold.

The request, brought to us by @jenndangerous on Twitter, is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

And boy, did people deliver.

If you don’t have a seashell display in your bathroom, is it even really a bathroom?

As we all know, science says decorating for Christmas in November can actually make us happier. But this, well, this… maybe doesn’t count?

Author’s note: I am from Pennsylvania and while I live near the city of Pittsburgh, most of Pennsyltucky would consider this brand of decor a wet dream.


That Elvis looks more like a modern-day coffee shop vaper who passes out flyers for open mic night.

Oh, your house doesn’t have an egg room?

Aw, Grandma, bless her cross-stitch loving heart.

Daaaaamn, Jesus. Looks like he’s got his own wind machine that would rival Beyonce’s.

Ah, a punny sex joke towel. You’ll find one draping over the oven handle of every Certified Crazy Aunt (TM) ever.


My parents divorced well over a decade ago and were total assholes about keeping any of our stuff, but if I recall correctly the holidays were particularly groan-worthy in terms of decor. We had everything from a gaudy witch’s broom front door display for Halloween, to a dancing and singing Hermie (the wannabe dentist) from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Oh, and for a good 10 years every item in our living room had to be red, white, and blue. No exceptions.

If you’re reading this and you, too, have PTSD from all the weird stuffed animals, ceramic figurines, porcelain dolls, clown collections, and bathroom sea shells — please know you are not alone.

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