Rescue's Valentine 'Puppergram' Program Lets You Order Puppy Snuggles For Loved Ones

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The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County/Facebook

Order a Valentine’s Day gift basket from this Tennessee animal shelter, and a precious pup will deliver it

Of all the things you can imagine getting from your loved one, level with us — they’d all be made infinitely better if a puppy was involved, right? Well, if you’re lucky enough to live near the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County in Tennessee, you might just get the gift of your dreams on this heart-shaped holiday. Not only is the shelter offering gifts that you can order for your loved ones, but they’ll all be delivered by very special mascots: the rescue organization’s adorable adoptable puppies.

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The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County is offering “Puppergrams” as part of what we can probably all agree is an ingenious fundraising campaign. The gist? They drum up the financial resources necessary for the shelter’s day-to-day operations, and you or your loved one will get to snuggle a cute, cuddly canine.

TBH, we were pretty much sold on the whole puppy cuddling part of this deal. But the actual gifts involved are pretty fantastic, too. There are two package options: two dozen roses and a red velvet “pupcake,” or a dozen chocolate-dipped bacon roses with a one-hour ax-throwing pass.

Um, hello, we would order this every day of our puppy-loving lives if possible. Treats and puppy snuggles may just be the most magical Valentine’s Day combination ever created. Even better (yes, hard to believe, but it gets better), all of the gift-delivering puppy ambassadors will be available for adoption to any prospective pet owner shortly after Valentine’s Day.

Of course, the shelter can’t be shipping puppies all over the place. As such, Puppergrams are only offered to those in the Bristol and Kingsport areas of Tennessee. The deliveries will only be made to workplace environments, and the number available is understandably limited. The deliveries will be made on Feb. 13 or Feb. 14, with all funds raised through the orders going right back to the shelter to help care for all of their adoptable animals.

Tennesseans, we’re all clearly going to be living vicariously through your Puppergram experience. So, go forth! Get your Puppergram order placed now before they run out of availability. You can do so through the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County’s Facebook page or by calling (423) 279-2741. If you happen to miss the window, you could always make a loved one swoon this year by making a donation to the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County in their honor.

Every little bit helps, and knowing that you care about those little cold noses at the shelter is sure to warm anyone’s heart.

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